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Learn about exciting, new products and technology. Perform tasks and services for others and get paid CASH MONEY for your time and contributions.


When you review products, create content, design, or give personal feedback, you earn GBBG Bits. Each month, we exchange your Bits for CASH MONEY.


Team up with a profitable, growing company. GBBG is debt free and profitable. Clients pay in advance for activity bits, your earnings are guaranteed.

Do a BIT of this and that, and get paid!

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On-Demand Workforce

Join our on-demand workforce and discover a fun and rewarding way to make money online! Whether you like playing games, watching videos, discovering cool new music, creative writing, or just giving people your opinion, WE WANT YOU!

“Your time and opinion is valuable to us”

David Ruebush, CEO GBBG|bitbillions

GBBG works with market research firms and all types of businesses (large and small) to create entertaining projects. These projects help our clients develop better products and get valuable feedback. You are the key to that feedback.

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Get Bits when you view ads, watch videos, test products, review websites, or perform other services.

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Every month, we pay you cash money for your Bits. Supplemental or full time income opportunities!

We want YOU in our network!

Are you a great person who is motivated and ready to accelerate your earnings? Are you willing to try new products and supply your personal feedback? Do you have time to review videos and new websites? If you are introduced to revolutionary, life-changing services, would you help spread the word to others? If so, we want YOU on our rapidly growing team!

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3 Profit Sharing Pools

Can we share our profits with you? If it is OK with you, we would like to set asside a portion of our profits into 3 different profit sharing pools. Then, we will distribute these profits to our members based on their share of the total Bits in the network. The more Bits you earn each month, the bigger share you could receive.

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Do you know anyone who would like to earn money for testing new products, reviewing videos and websites, and other fun activities? If so, you can earn MORE CASH by telling others about bitbillions! We will provide you a referring link that you can share with anyone you wish. If they join the bitbillions network and begin earning Bits, you earn bonus money based on their Bits!

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Do you know anyone that would like to earn extra money?

Would you mind earning more CASH when your referrals bring additional referrals to the bitbillions network? If you don’t mind, you will earn BONUS MONEY based on the Bits earned by your referrals, and their referrals, seven levels deep. This is called your bitbillions family tree. Your additional bonuses are based on the Bits earned by every person in your bitbillions family tree.

NOTICE: This is not an MLM or Business Opportunity because no member is required to spend money and nobody earns based on the spending of those in their bitbillions family tree. Everyone earns based on their BITS and the BITS EARNED by people in their bitbillions family tree. There is NO cost, NO obligations, and NO recruiting requirements whatsoever.

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