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We build powerfully effective digital advertising and marketing tools so you can get more customers, sign-ups, leads, or whatever you need to grow your Internet Marketing business.



Get more customers, signups, and earnings.


Our $9 Ad Network and Traffic Monster services deliver a flood of visitors.



Website monetization tools, affiliate commissions, and task earnings.


Business Development

Custom websites, SEO services, training programs and development tools.


Online Earnings

Earn additional income by completing simple tasks, referring others, and publishing ads.

We pay affiliate commissions on all our products and services.

Affiliate Earnings

Do you have your own website or blog? You can promote our products and services using our handy affiliate referral links. We pay excellent commissions on sales made through your links. You do not have to purchase anything yourself in order to earn these commissions. Simply share your links and earn.

Our marketing team even provides quality banners, email templates, and other marketing tools to boost your success! You can be on your way to earnings in minutes.


Have some spare time you could spend earning extra cash? We have a handy task platform where you get paid for completing online and offline tasks. Some tasks are as simple as looking at a website or watching a video. Now that’s a cool idea! Watch a video or check out a website and get paid for it.

Want to earn some extra money promoting great products on your website or blog? Or, would you like to create your own independent sales agency where you are the boss and set your own rules? We pay excellent commissions on our custom responsive websites and SEO services. Did you know? Over 95% of all businesses do not have a custom responsive website! Opportunity is EVERYWHERE!

Monetize your website with advertising revenue. Our $9 Ad Network pays you every single time a page on your site is viewed. Most ad networks only pay when a visitor clicks a link (CPC) or when you deliver 1,000 impressions (CPM). We think 100% of your traffic is worth something. So, everytime someone looks at a page on your site, why not get paid?

Digital Advertising Agency

Our ad gurus manage professional campaigns to drive traffic to your website.
Super high visibility for less than $1 per day!

Why Choose GBBG|bitbillions

Simply put, we make it easier for you to grow your Internet Marketing business.

Traffic MonsterMoney MakerAdvertiserPublisherBusiness Builder

Traffic Monster

  • High quality website visitors
  • Low cost per acquisition
  • Fresh daily audience delivery
  • Website and video traffic
  • Guaranteed unique individuals
  • Time-based visitors/viewers
  • Excellent return on investment

Want to flood your website or video with tons of high quality visitors? Create a Traffic Monster campaign and watch the customers come rushing in.

If you are looking for even more visibility, or want a constantly fresh audience, we recommend you let our digital ad agency gurus manage a professional ad campaign for you for less than $1 per day.


Money Maker

  • Get paid for viewing websites
  • Earn money watching videos
  • Complete simple tasks for extra income
  • Refer customers and earn commissions
  • Market our products and services on your site
  • Sell our products in the “real world” for profit
  • Excellent earnings with ZERO investment

Our affiliate marketing system rewards you for sharing your links with others, marketing our products online, and even selling our services offline in the “real world”.

Not only can you use our advertising and marketing products to build your own business, but you can tell others about our excellent services and get extra cash for sharing.



  • $9 flat rate banner/text/video ads
  • High performance delivery technology
  • Global delivery to millions
  • Simple management dashboard
  • Thousands of quality publishers for one flat rate
  • Astounding visibility and conversions
  • Excellent return on investment

Looking for a low cost but high performance advertising channel? $9 Ad Network allows you to place your banner, text, or video ad on thousands of sites for only $9.

Get your advertiser account today and see why thousands of other Internet Marketers are already enjoying the traffic and conversions expected for a much higher price than only $9.



  • Easy to use management dashboard
  • Simple copy/paste ad embed script
  • Thousands of quality advertisers
  • Get paid for every page view
  • Wide array of sizes
  • Embed banner, text, and video ads
  • Excellent way to monetize your site

Turn every page load into money. Embed our advertising code into your website and get paid every single time your pages are viewed.

$9 Ad Network allows you to turn every visitor to your website into a constant stream of advertising revenue.


Business Builder

  • Professional marketing materials
  • How to’s and training
  • Exclusive banners and image content
  • Engaging email and copy templates
  • Team building tools
  • Cooperative advertising options
  • Custom websites and SEO services

Once you get your Internet Marketing business growing through our advertising products, you need tools to take it to the next level.

Business Builder is just the set of resources you are looking for to improve upon your successes and turn your part-time hobby into a real business endeavor.


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All the advertising and marketing tools you need to kick your home based Internet Marketing business into overdrive are waiting for you inside!