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Low cost advertising channels, high commission affiliate products, guaranteed human website traffic, monetized content, automated SEO services, online work opportunities, and more. We have everything you need to take your Internet Business to the next level and beyond! Scroll down to see why GBBG is “Every Internet Marketer’s Dream”.

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$9 Ad Network

A global network of high quality publishers and advertisers.

Low Cost Online Advertising

With the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) and the lowest cost per click (CPC) on the entire Internet, the $9 Ad Network delivers massive, high quality results for your advertising investment. Whether you prefer banner ads, text ads, video ads, or all of the above, we can deliver a high-impact campaign across thousands of websites for one, very low, fixed price of only $9 per ad.

Every Internet marketer needs a high quality advertising channel. Stop wasting money on high price ad networks. You can’t find a better deal anywhere online. We are certain of it!


Website Monetization Without Hassle

Most online ad networks pay you a small portion of the amount paid by their advertisers, and only when someone clicks an ad on your page. We believe you deserve more for the hard work of managing your site and getting traffic to your pages. This is why $9 Ad Network pays you for every single pageview your website generates! No matter how little, or big, your traffic is, you earn money on 100% of your site visitors.

Stop losing money with stingy ad networks. We pay a much more honest price for your ad space. We are certain of it!


Did You Know?

You can earn affiliate commission when you refer advertisers to the $9 Ad Network. Check our Compensation Plan for more details.

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[email protected]

Four examples of high commission affiliate products.

Want your very own SUPER PROFITABLE and HIGHLY CONVERTING e-commerce mega store?

There is no easier way to generate MASSIVE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS online than by creating your FREE account with [email protected] and promoting hundreds of super high commission products that sell like “hot cakes”! We provide professional email templates, top-notch banners, and copy/paste embed widgets so you can sell products directly on your own site!

You don’t have to know anything technical at all. We create all the code, marketing materials, and tools for you. As a matter of fact, you can even automate the entire system if you wish… and just let us do all the work! In a matter of seconds, you can be selling highly converting products online, and rolling in massive affiliate sales commissions!

Why not cash in on this $1.7 TRILLION mega craze!?


Affiliate Income

Did You Know?

If you refer other affiliates to [email protected], we will pay you when THEY sell products. Imagine that. You get paid when someone else makes a sale! Check our Compensation Plan for more details.

Become a high income affiliate commission rock star today!

Traffic Monster

Get a massive flood of real people to your website.

Guaranteed Real Human Website Visitors

  • Web Page Traffic
  • Video Traffic
  • Digital Agency Traffic

Average cost per visitor: LESS THAN $0.02 EACH!

Guaranteed Website Traffic

Do you have a great landing page, website, or offer you need people to see? Would your sales and income increase if you had thousands of people rushing to your site every day? Or, better yet, what if they were REQUIRED to spend a certain amount of time on your site, and they were GUARANTEED to be real people!

We have the answer for you. Traffic Monster is a service that sends a flood of real, guaranteed human visitors where you want them. How can we guarantee they are real people and not robots or fake traffic? Because we require every person that will visit your page to register with our site, submit 2 forms of government issued photo identification, and address verification! We are 100% absolutely certain they are real people!

There are three flavors of Traffic Monster visitors to choose from: web page traffic, video traffic, and Digital Agency. If you want traffic to a landing page or other web page, we can send a ton of real people to your page. Want people to view your video sales pitch? We can do that too. Or, if you want high quality exit traffic from some of the biggest networks on the entire Internet (like Facebook, Yahoo!, etc.), then Digital Agency is for you.

One of the coolest features of Traffic Monster is that you choose the minimum amount of time you want visitors on your page or video. This way, you can be certain they are not worthless “bounce” traffic and they have the proper time to view your offer and make an informed decision.


Did You Know?

If you share your referring link with others and they purchase guaranteed website traffic, we will pay you cash affiliate commissions! Check our Compensation Plan for more details.

Take your home based business to the next level and beyond!


Pre-Monetized Content Marketing & Distribution

Fast Track To Success

ProfitPages is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to make money online. Whether you are a seasoned professional Internet Marketer, or a brand-new beginner, this is the tool that will instantly propel your online earning potential to the moon and beyond!

Let’s face it. Building a successful online business is not easy. From hosting, to website development, to SEO, landing page optimization, list management, email marketing, keyword balance, social media, and so much more we don’t have room to list it all, it is easy to see why very few people ever realize Internet Marketing success. Every year, online business becomes more complex. The market keeps getting more competitive and your target audience keeps moving. You need to constantly be learning new systems and using new tools if you ever expect to succeed.

Fortunately, we have developed a tool so unique and so powerful that ANYONE can use it to become instantly successful. ProfitPages is essentially a pre-monetized content marketing and distribution system with built in SEO automation. No matter how new, or experienced you are with Internet Marketing, you can use ProfitPages to jump miles ahead of your competition.


Internet Business Strategy
Simplifying Online Business So ANYONE Can Be Successful!

ProfitPages Makes You Money!

The most important aspect of ProfitPages is that it MAKES YOU MONEY every single day! No matter what product, service, or opportunity you are promoting, this incredible tool will boost your authority, increase your search exposure, and maximize your publicity. And the best thing of all, it is super simple. Actually, it is easier than making a post on Facebook. Something just about any person who can breathe can do. This tool is so simple to use, and so effective, that an absolute total beginner can start DOMINATING THE INTERNET as if they are one of the world’s most seasoned online gurus. If you are a complete newbie to Internet Marketing, you can fast track your success and bypass all the years of learning, trial and error, and heartbreaks that are normally required when “cutting your teeth”. Even if you don’t even have your own website or mailing list! If you do have your own site and list, and you have been marketing for a while now, you can use this tool to exponentially expand your authority, reach, and conversions.

How does ProfitPages make you money? First, it naturally boosts your search authority, exposure, coverage, and inbound traffic to your own site, landing pages, or offers. This results in more sales for your existing marketing activities. As a matter of fact, the PRIMARY PURPOSE of ProfitPages is to supercharge your existing Internet business activities. However, there is a massive added bonus. Not only will ProfitPages increase sales for your current business, WE PAY SOME OF THE MOST LUCRATIVE RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS ON EARTH when you tell other marketers about ProfitPages. So, you have a double win! You increase sales of the products and services you already like to promote, AND you earn MONTHLY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS as an affiliate. Oh, and it is even better. There is built-in referral marketing, product marketing, and ad monetization already in the system. The system practically runs your online business for you!

Did You Know?

ProfitPages has built-in referring tools and pays super high affiliate commissions! Check our Compensation Plan for more details.

Become an Internet Marketing super star, even if you have never promoted anything before!

Money Maker

Earn Money Online With Simple Tasks

Work From Home Online

Online Task Workplace

Money Maker is a one-of-a-kind system that lets you earn money by completing simple tasks. PLUS, you earn extra money when other people earn money! Yes, that is correct. You earn more when other people earn money, not when they spend money.

Would you like to work from home, the coffee shop, or the beach? Then we have what you are looking for. All you have to do is complete simple tasks, like watching videos, reviewing websites, or answering surveys. We have businesses lining up to pay you CASH MONEY to do these simple tasks. And better yet, when you tell others about this, we will pay you extra money when they earn!

Money Maker is 100% FREE and ANYONE can do it. It is super simple. All you need to do is create your FREE account, click on “Money Maker”, and start completing tasks. You will be earning money online in a matter of minutes. There is no cost, no obligation, no investment, no subscription, no fee at all whatsoever. If you can watch videos or click website links, you can earn!


Did You Know?

When you share Money Maker with others and they earn money, we pay you commission for helping them earn! Check our Compensation Plan for more details.

Explode Your Internet Earning Potential!

Everything you need to earn more money online is right here in front of you. From high commission income options to powerfully effective marketing tools, we have it all. Maximize your Internet Business today!


Affiliate Compensation

We offer products and services that are designed to help you increase traffic and sales for your existing Internet business.

However, we also pay excellent commissions to people who tell others about GBBG. As you can see above, a lot of people are already earning a lot of money through our lucrative affiliate compensation plan!