Earn up to $25 an Hour Viewing YouTube Type Videos with THWGlobal.THW Global can be your financial system to reach whatever financial goals you may have now or in the future.

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Ten Hour Week Global, famously known as THW Global finally launched the video watching Platform. At this time, you cannot make any money yet. The current Video platform soft launch is just intended for the company to collect more data before making the final platform for members to start earning money viewing YouTube type videos.

Based on when you are reading this article, it may be possible to already earn up to $25 an hour simply by watching YouTube type videos on the THWGlobal Platform. Just make sure you check it out, but best of all, sign up, it is 100% FREE:

What is THW Global?

This is a [NEW] YouTube type Video viewing platform from which you can earn up to $25 an hour just from viewing youtube type videos and providing comments and required. Though actually is actually too good to be true, it really is! Get details here: www.thwglobalguide.com

THW Global can be your financial system to reach whatever financial goals you may have now or in the future. Many will be happy with a few hundred dollars monthly or weekly and others will want to earn a whole lot more. Whichever category you are in, THW Global will be glad to have you on board.

Since inception of and making the platform available for registration to anyone anywhere in the world, and more to that 100% free, THW Global has had to revise it original goals. According to THW Global the response to their concept and momentum far exceeded all expectations; by almost 10 fold. Due to this tremendous success, they moved up their goals from 1 million international Viewers (IVs) in 2016, to 5 million; and from 5 million IVs in 2017, to 25 million IVs in 2017.

THW Global challenged all records and set new ones, especially in the speed and which companies grow in membership. So far, THWGlobal has been collecting demographic data on each IV in order to start selling companies the THWGlobal DMAP (direct marketing advertising packages).

THWGlobal says they already have hundreds of commitments from companies which desire to start advertising as soon as they have accumulated 50,000 active IVs with demographic profiles in a designated market area. Only IVs who complete the Demographic Surveys will be considered as active and eligible to earn with THWGlobal, only Active IVs can participate! Active IVs will also have the ability to communicate with corporate support and other perks to be announced. Active IVs will also have access to tools to help them grow their THWGlobal business.

Though until now all that have been heard about is the up to $25 an hour income viewing youtube type videos along with several management incomes from the ten level pay plan. There is more to share; such as click advertising and income associated with local advertising sales.

According to THWGlobal, the have received just during the pre-launch period many requests for media/advertising packages from all over the world, notable requests from the USA, Russia, Philippines and other countries; from small local businesses to national and global enterprises.

THWGlobal Additional Optional Income!

As THWGlobal moves forward through the Soft-Launch period additional methods in which all IVs can earn good money will be announced, which will be in addition to the earnings from the up to $25 an hour from watching YouTube Type Videos. With the massive number of IVs THWGlobal is registering; additional opportunities are emerging.

THWGlobal IV Commitment!

THWGlobal understands that it's most important asset is its IVs and they also understand that the members are not just a number. That many of the members for the 1st time have real hope of a financial opportunity with THWGlobal which could change their destiny, change their stars and also change it for their loved ones and friends.

THWGlobal understands that many have families who are even involved. This is why they reduced the age limit from 21 years to 18 years. The main reason why THWGlobal initially set the age limit at 21, and even thought of making it 25, was because they wanted people who were in school to stay in school. THWGlobal has a great respect for education and urge everyone and anyone who is in school or even higher education stay there and finish the course.

THWGlobal is really a part time opportunity and that is why they will never allow an IV to view more than 10 hours of content in a single week.

No international Viewer will ever be forced to purchase any products or services in order to earn up to $25 per hour watching YouTube Type Videos. This is important since THWGlobal does not need hundreds of thousands of IVs, but multi-millions of IVs in order to compete in the Advertising Industry.

THWGlobal needs to achieve its goal of registering and getting demographic profiles on millions of active IVs in order to attract thousands of advertisers with content for IVs to start viewing to earn their desired income.  It is massive content that in turn creates income for every participating IV including much higher incomes for IVs who have chosen to participate in building a ten level team.

Many IVs are taking this seriously and have already built ten level teams of many thousands. So if you have your family, loved ones or friends you wish to bless with an opportunity to earn some income doing what they love – watching videos, this is it. It will not cost you or them any money to get started, but as they succeed, the more you too will succeed.

THWGlobal is now recognized as the fastest growing global opportunity this year and hopefully will remain the same for years to come. THWGlobal has as ultimate goal to have 1/650th of the advertising industry by 2017 which is 1 billion dollars and possibly 1% of the advertising industry by 2020 which would be in excess of 8 billion dollars.

Will you like to have a share of this Pie?

Wait no more, go here [www.thwglobalguide.com] to Register today, it is 100% Free, and start your own journey to earning a reliable income in your spare time having fun watching videos.

Best regards and Happy Earning with THWGlobal.

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