Online ads are super cheap and very effective here!

Even though tens of thousands of people visit our site every day, we know the most important thing to you is how many people get to your landing page. Most sites want to charge you per thousand impressions (CPM) because it guarantees their success. Why gamble your advertising budget on "what-if" and "hope this works"? We think your success important too. And we think you should only pay us for the people who actually end up on your landing page. So, we only charge you when people click your ads (CPC). And you name the price!

We offer 4 types of ads on our site.

Your banner or text ad will rotate on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of our website. In addition, you can set up targeting options to maximize the effectiveness of your ads. You pay as little at $0.05 per click (CPC). If you are looking for a low-cost way to advertise online, you have found it! Your ad will reach your target audience and you will reap the rewards. Most of our advertisers renew their campaigns because they experience good return on investment.

- Source: Google Analytics

We have a rapidly growing site. Our audience is expanding daily. As you can see from the Analytics tracking provided by Google, they are a diverse group of people with a wide array of interests. And, as our content expands along with our contributors, the size and scope of our viewers will only continue to expand. When you place ads on our site, you can be sure to reach the people who need to see your message.

- Source: Google Analytics

Our site visitors have diverse affinities. The above image illustrates a sample of these. If you have a product or service in one of the categories above, you will find ample people on our site who are interested. Our audience is so diverse, we can only show a few categories of interests here on this page. But, rest assured, if you have a product or service to promote, we have the targets you are aiming for!

Age Groups
- Source: Google Analytics

In addition to a wide array of interests, you can see above that we attract a wide array of age groups as well. So, if your products or services fit a certain age range, we should have the targets you are seeking.

Not only do we have an active, vibrant, growing community of people you can reach by advertising here, but we offer you several ways to reach them. And better yet, we give you tools to target your audience. This way, you can be sure your ads perform at their optimum level!