How fortunate or unfortunate can a presidential candidate be?


A few days earlier I posted about a book on how people can sell you almost anything (Voters Be Aware Of Your Emotions!). Did you know Bill Clinton recommended this book as required reading for all democratic politicians? Mr. Clinton seemed to be putting to practise what George Lakoff wrote about at the DNC 2016. Only, with this former US President it comes naturally.

All efforts by Democrat politicians to put the first female presidential candidate in a positive perspective have failed most of the time when trying to seek support from voters with a non middle class male background.

Having heard her probable first Dude to be, US Secretary Hillary Clinton is very fortunate to have the appropriate endorser. The man has the intellect on how to act on all the different levels in society, a trait so sadly lacking so many politicians. Though the skill Bill has, can be learned by people who are good with words, especially politicians. It seems they haven't been able to open up this dexterity from within.

Politicians should not just train to get policy set out verbally at the parliamentary level. It would come as no luxury to be practical in connecting with everyday people and a fair bit less with lobbying groups. Parliamentarians should do this on a permanent basis, but particularly during (presidential) election time politicians should be a bit more streetwise.

To win people's trust they also need to read and internalize some American Literature narrating on how everyday people from all walks of live are experiencing social (un)justice from a basic humane perspective, also from the perspective of the underwaged and flat out poor. Learn how people formulate, how they feel about good and bad values. E.g.: Read Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, or even The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

What also helps is listening to some old fashioned C&W that even Ray Charles liked for the stories from the songs. Then connect with policy both an understandable and a respectful storyline. Storytelling is the way!

What people get fed up with is the implicit or explicit belittling emphasis on how people should feel about things and what reactions are required as a democratic norm. Haven't we learned that such an approach is driving voters further away than where they currently are?

Now what was Mr. Clinton doing?

You have got to listen to his speech at the Democratic National Convention 2016 in Philadelphia. Great results for people that have been reached by the current presidential candidate, were being hooked up to the personal life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a storytelling fashion. -the way it is entertaining which makes for pleasurable prolonged listening.

Where other Democrats failed in great narrative about this politically inclined woman who they want to see as their president of the USA, Bill Clinton succeeded in showing that his spouse is not only a smart and loving person, but also a fabulously engaged and perservering humanely caring woman equipped for taking the darn hard US presidential role.