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Mybtclife is an online donation platform available worldwide. Through our peer-to-peer direct upgrade donation system, our members can earn 100% commissions on their referrals upgrade donations. The donations are paid (voluntarily) by our members to members in their upline and at no time does our system hold any funds or fees for the services we provide. All donations are exclusively peer to peer and in Bitcoin and each donation is backed by its unique hash ID from the official database of Blockchain [the official Bitcoin operator].

The donation plan works on a 3x4 forced matrix structure with 90-180 days level renewal subscription. Each member has a downline and upline. When members make donation the donation is being paid directly into their upline's Bitcoin eWallet [100% commission].

The first 3 people you refer to the program are your frontline [first-tier downline]. Their donations are being paid directly to your Bitcoin eWallet in the form of 100% commission every 90 days. Then you are free to upgrade to next donation level at any time, you do not have to wait until you collect all donations from your downline. When a person upgrades to a higher donation level, their donation is paid to the upline member who is at that level. If an upline member has not upgraded to that level, the donation will be directed to another upline member who is at that level already. This can cause a misbalance in your upline's matrix and they might miss some payments. This is why it is important to keep track on your upgrades and your downline's progress and make sure you are ahead of them if necessary.

Example of passing donations:

Let say you are at level 2 of your upline and you should donate him level 2 donation but you did not upgrade to that level yet or did not renew your subscription but your level 2 will make the level 2 donation to you, for the reason you are not eligible to receive the donation, then the donation from your level 2 will be passed up to your upline level 2 because he is still waiting for level 2 donation and so it goes with every level pass up.

3x4 0.03 Bitcoin matrix donation structure:

You donate 0.03 BTC to your upline 1 every 90 days and you are now ready to receive your level 1 donations.

Level 1 - 3 people donate to you 0.03 BTC each and you receive 0.09 Bitcoin. Then you donate 0.025 Bitcoin for level 2 upgrade every 100 days to your level 2 upline so your profit for level 1 is 0.06 BTC every 90 days.

Level 2 - 9 people donate to you 0.025 BTC each and you receive 0.225 BTC. Then you donate 0.02 BTC for level 3 upgrade every 120 days to your level 3 upline so your profit for level 2 is 0.205 BTC every 100 days.

Level 3 - 27 people donate to you 0.02 BTC each and you receive 0.54 BTC. Then you donate 0.12 BTC for level 4 upgrade every 180 days to your level 4 upline so your profit for level 3 is 0.42 BTC every 120 days.

Level 4 - 81 people donate to you 0.12 Bitcoin each and you receive 9.72 BTC. Your profit for level 4 is 9.72 BTC every 180 days.

Total profit: 10.405 BTC

Renewal period for each level donations:

Level 1 - every 90 days + 1000 Text & Banners Ad Credits

Level 2 - every 100 days + 2000 Text & Banners Ad Credits

Level 3 - every 120 days + 3000 Text & Banners Ad Credits

Level 4 - every 180 days + 4000 Text & Banners Ad Credits

MyBTCLIFE is person to person (peer to peer) secure, direct donation platform.All donations are being paid directly into their upline's Bitcoin eWallet [100% commission].As an affiliate you have a referral tree [downline and upline] based on a binary matrix type of compensation plan. It is a 3x4 matrix [which means you start with 3 people on your first tier and it goes 4 tiers deep]. Each member earns 100% donations paid directly from member to members in their downline. The donation is paid when a member send donations to his uplines and MyBtcLife does not charge any extra fees to the members, all donations are paid to a member in your upline.

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