Gaining Momentum

Gaining Momentum TaskMaster, Alt Convention and Agency It was the most anticipated launch for Bitbillions. Tasks that free members can earn from. It was delayed, and finally on the 4th of July TaskMaster went live. It wasn’t perfect, it does not have all the features implemented yet but most importantly free members can and are […]

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Slight Delay

Slight Delay The task system is nearly complete, but not completed. As many of you know, our CEO is the only developer working on our software at this time. Along with Alt Convention, BBC, the $9 Ad Network, and trying to have some personal time, he is developing bitbillions. So, his time is very precious. […]

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Progress It has been just over a month since our last news update. Our Bitbillions and Business Builders Club newsletter subscribers have had several emails keeping them informed during that time so if you want news more often make sure you subscribe to them. There have been major changes to GBBG sites over the last […]

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The Time To Start Making Money Is Now

THE TIME TO START MAKING MONEY IS NOW It has been a long time coming but for those that have stuck with us the reward is coming sooner than you think. Before I get to that I would like to go over the events that have transpired since the last news article before giving you […]

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Break Through

Break Through I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I feel it fully explains what we have been dealing with and doing for the past few months. Around the beginning of December I learned two things that took the wind and passion from me for a bit. First, I learned we […]

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January Payouts

January Payouts We have been approved to conduct limited payouts on January 25th. We will process payouts as we have in the past, but payouts will not be for all earnings. Due to some burdens placed upon us from outside sources, we must comply and follow protocol as directed. Therefore, we will be paying out […]

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Final Co-Founder Upgrades

Final Co-Founder Upgrades As most members should know by now, we did a special offer for the final 25 Co-Founder accounts. We took bids from members for these upgrades. These bids were a combination of a cash offer and a reason why the member deserved to be chosen for the upgrade. After receiving numerous bids, […]

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Official Launch Month

Official Launch Month In our previous blog post, we said we would announce the official launch date for GBBG|bitbillions soon. However, after that post a few things have changed. As we have been developing the many layers of complex code that will deliver the various platforms in the near future, we realize it is pretty […]

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