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Profit Pages Is The Future of GBBG

Making money online is not an easy thing. There are millions of “opportunities” out there promising people a world of riches if they just “invest” enough money, recruit enough people, or duplicate prior success. Every day as CEO of GBBG, I get tons of emails from people touting the latest, greatest, incredible way to make […]


2015 bitbillions Achievements Build the Foundation for 2016

As we reflect on the past year we can see both good and bad and now look towards another year. It is worth looking at the past year’s achievements because they can easily be forgotten. Of course not everything went to plan, in fact there was a couple of setbacks that were unforeseen and in […]


New Site and Features

Firstly we want to make sure members are receiving the newsletters/updates correctly. Ensure you have the email address [email protected] whitelisted. A simple way of doing this is to add the address to your contacts. We know that there are members that have had these emails go to their spam folders. We often get asked about […]


Upgrading For The Future

What a week it has been and there is so much great news it is hard to hide the excitement. Social Interactions Along with an updated website, GBBG has now initiated a GBBG Google community and hangout. It is linked to the GBBG support YouTube so live streaming events will be available there. We are […]


Everything Under One Roof

It has been a while since we updated the GBBG family on things happening behind the scenes. Looking at the blog today, I realized the last post was over 2 months ago. So, I decided to take a bit of time out of my schedule to write this update. As many of you know, we […]


Gaining Momentum

TaskMaster, Alt Convention and Agency It was the most anticipated launch for Bitbillions. Tasks that free members can earn from. It was delayed, and finally on the 4th of July TaskMaster went live. It wasn’t perfect, it does not have all the features implemented yet but most importantly free members can and are earning from […]


Slight Delay

The task system is nearly complete, but not completed. As many of you know, our CEO is the only developer working on our software at this time. Along with Alt Convention, BBC, the $9 Ad Network, and trying to have some personal time, he is developing bitbillions. So, his time is very precious. Today, we […]



It has been just over a month since our last news update. Our Bitbillions and Business Builders Club newsletter subscribers have had several emails keeping them informed during that time so if you want news more often make sure you subscribe to them. There have been major changes to GBBG sites over the last month. […]

Affiliate Compensation

We offer products and services that are designed to help you increase traffic and sales for your existing Internet business.

However, we also pay excellent commissions to people who tell others about GBBG. As you can see above, a lot of people are already earning a lot of money through our lucrative affiliate compensation plan!