The development of the brain is a task that has taken his million years to the nature. It is a question of a complex and extraordinary organ that still has not been comprised completely. The studies on the brain are relatively recent. That’s why there are information and facts that keep on causing surprise between experts and beginners.


In this article I will tell you on some slightly well-known information, and of course you will surprise.


The brain is activated in the night

Although it seems strange to you, the brain becomes more dynamic as the rest of the body diminishes its activity. It is more laborious during the sleep. What it spends is that the functions used for the wakefulness and those that are used while we are asleep stay at areas different from this organ.


It is the main organ of the sexuality 

Only the dauphins and the human beings take sex as a pleasure. During the sexual experiences the brain liberates the substances that make the perception of the enjoyment possible. The attraction and the intensity of the pleasure depend principally on the cerebral chemistry.

Different sizes

The brain of the man is bigger than that of the woman. The studies indicate that the masculine one weighs 1.35 Kg, while the feminine one weighs 1.21 kg. This does not affect by any means in the intelligence. The test is that the brain of the Neanderthal man was much bigger than that of the human beings of today.

Automatic disconnection

The human brain has the aptitude to do an automatic disconnection of the perception, when we are opposite to stinking smells. These are experienced in the first moment with big intensity, but past a time to stop feeling.

80 % of the brain is a water

It seemed solid completely. But the true thing is that 80 % of the brain is composed of water. Hence the importance of staying hydrated. The absence of liquid not only affects in a big difficulty of keeping the body active, but also it slows down the mind.

It has big needs for oxygen

All the oriental meditation practices emphasize the importance of the respiration. Perhaps this millennial knowledge takes for a fact basic they knew by intuition that from the antiquity: the brain is the organ of the body that major oxygen quantity demands. Close to 20 % of the oxygen and of the calories that enter to the body they are used by the brain, although from the anatomical point of view it represents only 2 % of the body. 

Does not feel pain

What hurts, when you feel that the head hurts you, it is not the brain. The pain stays at the external structures of this organ, basically at the nervous network of the head. The big paradox is that the brain is the one that allows to perceive the pain in the rest of the organism, but he does not feel it himself.

Neurons and memory

If you could put your neurons in Indian line, they would form a line thousand kilometers long. The olfactory neurons have a life expectancy of 60 days; nevertheless, it is known that the olfactory memory is the most powerful of all. The memory of alone short term is capable of retaining between 7 and 9 information, for a space of 10 seconds. The sensory memory can accumulate a high number of information; many other that the intellectual memory.