Smartphone apps are doing the rounds in almost all the households and everyone is almost getting addicted to it. It is hard for one to go without using their smartphone and with the apps in it. With the availability of millions of apps, it is easy for us to access the free ones. Most of the applications which are available on the Play Store or the App Store have the free version of an app.


When we are downloading and installing a particular app which is free, are we inviting people to invade our privacy? There are a few apps, where, there are pop ups with questions for access, like, device id, contacts, location and a few more. So, when we are giving an access for the apps, is it not that we are indirectly providing the details?

An application has its own terms and conditions for the user to accept before downloading and installing an app. How many of us, really read it and then accept it? It is very rare that the users actually read the terms, conditions and policy terms of a particular app. A recent research showed that, the advertisements which pop ups while using an app, exposes the data of a user.

The enormity of the information which the apps are accessing is shocking. It is stated that it gives away the information regarding to our bank balance, family details and almost all the private details. People are kept in dark in regards to sharing information to the apps which are from the third parties. So, are the apps which are installed in our phones, reliable of the privacy terms?

Security breach of information

* There are a list of applications available for us to use, a few of them requires personal information, like social media apps, email accounts, ride hailing apps and a few more.

* Is the information provided to these apps, secure and safe? This is the question we want to be answered by the mobile app developers.

* Users are using the apps which are available on third party authorities. This may lead to leakage of personal information and breach of secured data as well.

* A recent survey stated that, there were around 45 million of the transactions which were made, had the risk of data chasms of personal information, location and potentially secure data through the servers of the network.

* The apps which ask for information and personal details, do give us an assurance that it is safe with them and we do not need to worry about it.

* In the first quarter of the year around 20 million apps were analyzed and it was found that the only a 0.3 percent of the data had the susceptibilities of violation of secure data.

It is shocking that around 58 percent of the apps are naïve to the information, through the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), which will help the hackers to track down the individual and create havoc for them.

There are a few apps, which needs the access to our location for guiding us to travel. This is linked to the access of traceable information of an individual and it could be a threat as well.

Advertiser’s target the users who spend their time on the apps and tend to open the pop up for other apps. When this happens, it is easy for the third party experts to fetch the traceable information.

There is no encryption to the apps which are displayed in-app, so it is evident that the information shared is not safe and secure. 

Research on fissure of information

An analysis was done, what are the factors which will make the information available for the hackers?

The result stated that 92 percent of the users are related to the analytics of the information shared on the apps.

Mobile app developers will be able to fetch the details of the user with the ads which are flashed on the apps and during the usage of it.

The accuracy at which all the information is getting fetched is pretty high and ast0unding at the same time.

Information regarding to our gender, status, age, finances and almost which is related to our personal data are retrievable.

It is just with the Android devices; even the iOS devices are more viable to this kind of scrutiny as well.

Are the apps really reliable for the permissions it is asking? We cannot be sure of the fact that the information will be safe and secure in the database of the particular app.

Two third of the apps are suspected to display the information of the user to third party apps and apps which are location based are directed to the servers which are not location based service.

Most of the users are in awe about the information which has been accessible to the non authentic servers or the ad network servers.

There a few apps which provides the details which is available on the phone. For example, the physical details of the phone are accessible by the third part apps which do not maintain a great encryption for the information.

How to know, if it’s safe?

* We need to sure with the fact that, the information which we are providing will be safe and secure.

* It is always better to have the apps installed, which has strong encryption to it and it keeps the information is safe.

* If, we are using an application which needs an access to our location, it should be directed to the authenticated server and if it does not, then a warning message should be sent to us.

* Mobile app developers have to develop and design the apps in such a way that, when there is violation of secure data, an alert message will be helpful.

* Try to avoid the apps which have in-app purchases and ad networks to it. The number of apps which can access the data is in on high, so it is better stay away from it.


Mobile apps are essential for us in today’s world and everyone is getting engrossed in it. Technology has improved on a large scale, and there are a few people who have been misusing it. Hackers are growing; there is a rise in violation of laws and information. The security systems are finding it hard to maintain a secure the private and confidential information of the users.

Tech gigs have been developing millions of apps for the public and they want the people to be happy with the product. Most of the applications which are used by the folks and tech savvy users may need to feed information in the apps. In social media it is obvious that, they are sharing almost everything about their lives. Hackers wait for the right opportunity and fetch the details they need and exploit us.

The truth is that the device and location data are getting leaked, but it doesn’t mean that all the apps are of the same kind. It may seem to be difficult for us to be able to use the apps, which may be a threat to us. With the rise in number of cybercrimes, we need to be cautious about. Mobile app developers have to give the users a more secure and safe app. Deciding to download and install a third party app, think again?

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Uber for X apps for the past 3 years. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.