Traveling is not just spending our holidays roving to cities or countries or it can’t be simply defined as moving from one place to another. It’s more like an emotion to a few amongst us.


A few consider travelling as ecstasy and have a strong desire to travel habitually. Travelling to places makes us sane, we get to know a lot than those who are house bounded. We get to meet a lot of people in person from different places, languages and culture. The world is a book, travelers read every page of it, whereas the counterpart doesn’t afford to take a possession of that knowledge.

Live the moment

Besides learning, its predilection over traveling. To be precise, it’s the concept of LIVE THE MOMENT taking our thoughts away from stress, tension and avert to relax.

Technology’s aiding travelers   

Technology had advanced itself and it’s added to the relish of travelers with a few amazing mobile applications. These applications, enhanced with distinct ideas in contemplation of the traveler’s ease. Let’s get in depth over the rare and exclusive features availed in each application.

A stand-in application for Google maps

It’s very common for anyone of us to know Google maps. Lost our path, shortcuts, exact direction to the destination we approach Google maps. Here is an application which rises up with enhanced ideas than that of Google maps. The application is quite familiar in London. The application is actively around 30 countries worldwide and

Citymapper acquires every single thing that a traveler is looking for. It’s hilarious that the app also includes how much time it would take to reach the destination by Jetpack. Though it’s absolutely useless information for the users, it’s the point of developers to include everything in it.

The application is developed in such a way that it’s easy to use and more accessible to them. It was built-in with an idea of availing all different uses concerned with travelling. The app has reinvented to build usage for daily users as well as travelers who travel different places on their holidays. The application is integrated with online ride service to make the commuter’s journey simple and easy.

The language tutor

Duolingo, is an application leaving it to the comfort of the travelers to learn the basic grammar or vocabulary of the language which the people at that place converse. The application has an incredible number of active users, around 70 million populations make use of this app.

Its fun to learn and a new language and try to converse with the people of that language. In a serious aspect the application is much more useful to converse with the working class people of that region. If we would go in for a roadside shopping or if we get to buy a few trivial things say junkies, water when we are out for sightseeing this app seems to be useful.

The single itinerant

Tripit, a travel organizing app which creates the user itinerary plans for every trip everywhere and anytime. This application seems useful for those who engage planning a trip with a big group. This is for a reason we can start planning with our friends who are in the plan with this, without intimidating each one in person about our plan, packing etc. This app retrieves all information in reference to the trip through the confirmation mails of tickets, hotel room booking etc. All we need to do is send the confirmation emails to the app.

After receiving the mails, the app suggests a list which seems to look like a checklist called Packpoint. It gives ideas for packing the items based on what kind of trip it is, either a business trip or a trip for vacation. The list also consists of how much the item is necessary to be packed and what are all mandatory for the travel.

Triput also enables us to restore over the exchange of currency flaps. We all know that the value of the currency change from one country to another. This application calculates the expenses based on the prices of the commodity in that particular country.  

The app which renders “feel at home” atmosphere

Airbnb is an online marketplace serving travelers with short-term rentals lodging at residential plots and charges depending upon the property’s owner and days of accommodation. Airbnb is now amplifying its number of users and it has become more useful travelers who plan for a trip with their family. The reason why family’s prefer Airbnb is they feel it’s much more cozy and comfortable to stay in residence rather hotels or lodges. 

Airbnb is now one of the leading applications which could retail a huge number of masses and it has a good rapport with people. The idea of renting residences seems catchy and travelers are making it one of the happening applications of recent times.

The instant translator     

This time the language translation is going to be more intense and realistic. The Google translator app is used to translate from one language to another as soon as possible. The user had to do nothing but just to take a click on the text of the language, sign or anything and send it. Google would translate it with relevant results instantly. This app is found to be useful to those who travel alone.

The application which is colossal now

Kayak is an application which has been in massive use of recent times. This application is quite useful for those who go for business trips. The travelers who travel for a business trip would usually find merger time to check out the best deals available for booking flight tickets and booking hotel rooms and to know about the availability of rooms. Kayak provides its users the best deals for all of these. The application on updating also provides flight tracking currency conversion etc.

The perfect bill splitter

There are lots of applications which is used for splitting bills but they haven’t been this so accurate and uncomplicated. Splitter is an application which is developed for splitting bills. For instance, if a group of people is on for a trip. Each of them would have paid bills at different places and reasons. At the end of the trip they would land-up with confusion about the splitting of bills. Splitter application keeps in track of who paid the bill, and for what? At the end of the trip the value can be evaluated. All the user has to do is he needs to update the application regularly about the payment and who paid for what and when.

This application is quite cool and to the comfort it can run on without the internet connection also. This application is more useful for those who plan trip to many countries in one. The currency conversion has been major confusion for travelers; here Splitter is to resolve the issue.

The above cited applications are the finest application among the other apps exclusively for adventurers. Technology has been developed enormous and made the world smaller. Once upon a time it was difficult to relish traveling; people go for long distance travels only if it was too mandatory.  But now everything had become easy and delightful, so it’s better we make the fruitful technology used in a right way and travel around many places adding up more cherished memories and reducing exceeding stress.