What better way to get free bitcoins than from a free bitcoin faucet every 15 minutes. With the price of bitcoin rising, there has never been a better time to claim free bitcoins just for visiting a page!

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With the price of bitcoins (BTC) once again on the rise, the best way to get free bitcoins is still with a bitcoin faucet. Faucets like Top-Bit allow you to claim free bitcoins - fractions of bitcoins called satoshi - just for visiting their site. They are able to do this because of the adverts shown as you load the page and once again after you claim your bitcoins.

A lot of the reliable bitcoin faucets available today are listed in browsers or rotators on other sites, sometimes with rankings based on free bitcoins per claim or based on user votes. The faucet browsers enable you to claim free bitcoins at a much higher rate of speed as some are even programmed to load the next available faucet based on elapsed time.

The standard bitcoin faucets are not the only way to claim free bitcoins however. An increasingly popular way to trade a few seconds of your time for some satoshi is with bitcoin games. These games work on the same principle as a faucet where you view the ads on the page and take specific actions to grow your satoshi balance. Some of the games offer upgrades which allow you to earn more satoshi per hour by purchasing their upgrade with bitcoins. This type of faucet offers a higher entertainment value through engagement, but typically require you to spend more time on the site for more free satoshi.

Yet another type of faucet includes the bitcoin drip faucet. These work much the same as a standard faucet, however, the longer you wait to claim, the more free satoshi you earn. There will be a maximum amount of bitcoins accumulated before your next claim is required, although the rewards can add pretty quickly if you are a frequent claimer. Generally there will be a timer and accumalted earnings meter ticking while you have the page loaded to keep you appraised of your progress between claims. Again, these faucets are funded by advertisements from third-parties.

It is always a good strategy to have a list of bitcoin faucets that you frequent, which can be sourced through a browser like the one found at Top-Bit. As discussed earlier, the most effecient way to keep a steady flow of free bitcoins coming in is to browse these rotators continuously to take advantage of the wait timers between each individual faucet. Typically you will find that 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute timers are the norm for anywhere between 10 and 100 satoshi minimum (or 0.0000001 to 0.000001BTC). It doesn't seem like much, but at over $600 for 1BTC (one bitcoin), those numbers add up pretty quickly.

As you can see, it is a fairly profitable endeavor to claim free bitcoins from faucets like Top-Bit, especially if you utilize rotators to mitigate time between claims. It is not unusual to earn over 200,000 satoshi (or 0.002BTC) a day in just a few hours of faucet browsing. This translates into just over a dollar a day (USD) at the current rate of over 600USD to 1BTC. With most of these faucets offering an affiliate program paying 10-50% for referral claims, these numbers can quickly multiply giving you a nice supplementary bitcoin income.

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