So get ready to hear the TRUTH about internet marketing as in Africa, you will discover that it’s possible in Africa and the myths that are tossed around the internet, the lack of technology and Africa as a developing continent, and what are stopping us you from getting success. The biggest obstacle facing our continent is funds – and how to start any venture without funds , bank loans and interest rates. Here is my startup! for from nothing to something.


As to entering into any new venture, and with a lack of knowledge, I found that there was no real practical, non technical guide for newbie’s, especially for the African market.  The other aspect of my endeavour was that I had no extra money to finance any project, and by this I mean nada, ziltz, yes zero extra money to spare.  I had some data, an internet connection and some spare time. 

I started surfing the web and Google everything, I could find on how to make money, with no money. Surely there were plenty of scams and opportunities, on offer.  I had to sift through hundreds of websites and sign up e-mails of opportunities, with trial and error, till if found what work for me, and I actually made some money. I was not looking to make the quick buck, but in search for and a long run, and an lasting income, where I could start small, learn the basics, educate myself in the aspects of online businesses and establish relationships with the people already successful and learn from them (how? and what?) they are doing-and not to reinvent the wheel, but rather get on the train they are on. 

Finally today I’m able to share my story and my road map to you - you may ask why? And that is a perfect and logical question. With just a perfect and logical answer - the simple truth is the internet is a great and balanced business market, its open to everyone and anybody can leverage and profit from the internet regardless of age, income, race or where you live. But the most important aspect of sharing, is that it is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change. It’s a big chain reaction, a pay it forward structure. By me helping and supplying this info to you, you will indirect be helping me, the persons that you share your info with will in other words be helping you, and so the chain will continue to grow.

No matter what you desire from “life”, it’s not going to give it to you.  What we desire will have to be earned; there is no way around it, no quick fix, no guarantees and no easy way! – The one basic and first step to your goals is ACTION, not ambition, knowledge or desire – without action everything is just words. You need ACTION”, and there is no better time than now, as “time will never be just right”.

So where do you start? I have prepared an easy step by step map, to start your first income, easy,(and it’s all free information), to put you on your first income on the internet. Remember this, even if on the internet, and you have read all these ads on making money easy, doing nothing-if you start with nothing to make something, you will have to work, it takes time but as you learn and follow the steps, and do not take unnecessary, uncalculated risks you will soon start to earn some descent money. 


I started off by reading, yes, read as much as you can about internet marketing, crypto currencies, wallets, satoshies, funnels, mining, blockchains, bitcoin’s, trading platforms and trading.  Knowledge will be your answer to the internet and its possibilities. Read and study what the future hold for the internet, Facebook and twitter. The social media platforms and the multiple uses into them, it’s all   available. 

Join forums on marketing, there is a lot of helpful marketers out there,   willing to share experience and knowledge, to interested and new marketers. Remember this is a business; it takes hard work and proficiency to make it in this business. Do not expect overnight success and get rich quick opportunities.



I divided my system (Nothing to Something) into easy to follow steps. 

Step1 – Admin, do not just fall in, create a clean slate, and organise from the start, this will make your whole expansion pleasant and easy to maintain

Email address

Create a new email, the reason; you do not want to share this new endeavour with your personal inbox, keep it separate and just for one purpose.

User Name

Decide on a pleasant and easy to remember “user name”, most sites will use your user name for “log in”

Passwords and Personal Information


Creating a file for every site that you will be using, store your passwords and log in details on a document and make a printed copy, safe on a external point – disk, hard drive or memory stick. – you do not want to  lose all your info and details in the result of a crash, or a ransomed attack – its easy and safe, always be cautious of your personal info – you are going to work with money and hackers is out to steal from you, it’s the same as in the real world.    



Firstly, remember this is a real opportunity. If you are unfamiliar with internet business and opportunities, and how the online business world has evolved, you will hear new terms, and processes, and even of new money. Yes, you’ve heard right, new money; on the internet it’s called crypto currencies. We will mostly be focusing on BITCOIN and its usage, how it’s earned and how to use it, and how to get it into your bank account in South Africa. 


You will need a WALLET to store, transfer and process you’re BITCOINS.            

I’ve created my list of wallets, why I use them and how I use them. These wallets are all free and easy to use.

Your wallet protection and personal information. Create a file for each wallet, after you register your wallet you will be supplied with a

-         Wallet address

-         Wallet identifier

-         Logon details

Keep these safe, make a printed copy, and offline storage is advisable, this is where your money will be kept while it’s online, and you need to protect it.      

As Bitcoin is still in its infant’s stages in Africa, there is a huge global BITCOIN community around. In Africa to buy and trade Bitcoin’s, you need a trading platform, the same as a Forex market. 

My BITCOIN wallets for South Africa & Nigeria

This will be your first step, - this is where you will learn to trade, buy and transfer bitcoin in the African continent – what wallets I use and easy to buy and transfer. I use a local South African company (ICE3X) with a trusted trading platform, and registration is free, it offer excellent support structure, and they supply you with loads and loads of free information and knowledge. 

If you reside in Nigeria and would like to get some Bitcoin in your local currency Naira,   this ICE3X has the solution by integrating Vogue pay into their system and platform. This enable Nigerian users now the opportunity to buy, trade and use bitcoin. Just register and follow the easy steps and you are on your way to your first bitcoin’s.

Once registered copy your details received in your inbox to a new folder and safe it offline.  Log in to your account, got to “deposit “choose BTC, and you will be supplied with your wallet address. 


There are thousands of faucets around the internet, but not all are reliable, not all of them pay and can be trusted. You do not want to spend 1, 2, 3 hours on a website and not get paid. So I’ve compiled a list of the trusted and paying sites around, I use them, and I still use them, even while typing this report I am generating some bitcoin.

Remember, you will not get rich with bitcoin faucets, it’s the best way to learn, earn some $ and invest these few $ to gain interest, let it grow and reinvest, I will show you how? In just a few minutes, and remember this is all free money, so far this process did not cost you a single cent. 

A cautious reminder – Bitcoin faucets all have rules, stick to the rules, these sites offer free money, do not exploit the rules or they will ban you from using the faucets. 

Remember that bitcoin address, now it’s time to start and use them, as you register at the different bitcoin faucets; use your WALLET address for pay outs.                    

Access to my faucet list – my free faucet list that pays and accumulates me up to $5 per week.

As you spend time on these programs you will start earning your first bitcoin’s, and slowly accumulate your totals. Once you accumulated let’s say for instance $3-5(I know you don’t think of this as money so far, but remember your in this for the long run, and the end goal should be the drive)

THE SECOND FAZE – start to double your money

Now it’s time for real business, even with just a measly $5, your investment could start to grow, and yes at alarming rates of up to 5% daily. Remember you still did not take one sent from your own pocket. Where to from now, again I use reliable and trusted Bitcoin investment companies.  I use two, for obvious reasons, distribution – (money is like manure, you have to spread it around or it smells, and you do not want to keep all your eggs in one basket).

With these investment returns you supply your Wallet address for your payouts, they will transfer all profits from your investments to your address, as you accumulate Bitcoin interest, you start to reinvest this interest and see your investments into bitcoin grow.  If you do have some spare finances available you can start by investing small deposit of BITCOIN, and speed up your process of interest and earnings. Reinvest as much as possible to grow your golden bitcoin nest.   



The 3rd Project and one of the


The easiest way to earn money by writing online – you do not have to be a professional , columnist or a blogger to do this. Write about -

-         news & current events

-         opinion pieces

-         stories, poetry, prose

-         technical, creative, funny

-         blatant promotion


Anyone can write here about anything they wish. This Is THE EASIEST WAY EVER To Earn Money Online…There is NO and I mean NO -

-         No selling

-         No recruiting

-         No filling out forms

-         No skills needed

-         No experience necessary



Anyone can do this with little or no effort at all. This isn’t just another bait and switch sales pitch; this is 100% free opportunity, this isn't some subscription site this is all about you.          

Growing your investment portfolio and start to earn big

The concept of Giving Should Be Rewarded is the basis of the international Philanthropic Project concept movement. This effective solution allows each member to send thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin to their projects within only a few weeks of purchasing their Crypto Currency Education package and receiving Bitcoin contributors from other members all around the world. A steadily increasing income is generated by the self compounding Matrix System!

Once you have entered the Team Build Matrix, you will start to receive Bitcoin contributions from members all around the world. Over and Over again you will receive contributions from new members who come into the Team build System. All adding up to 100’s of 1000’s of dollars worth of BITCOIN and money into your pocket.


It’s about getting the mindset right, getting the foundations right, knowing where you are, knowing where you want to get to, and how we’re going to get there – but it need action! 

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