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You are probably wondering...

Why on earth would someone pay me cash money to write stuff on their site?

Is this some kind of trick? Are they really going to pay me? Would they really accept my work, even though I am not a professional writer?

And, what kind of money are we talking about? Is this just some rewards program where I get discounts and coupons for stuff I may not want or need?

yes you really get paid to write online here


This is not a joke.

We have created an amazing website where anyone, anywhere can write about anything they wish, and get published, promoted, and read.

Are you an aspiring writer or blogger who has been struggling to get discovered? Have you tried getting your work out there just to find that nobody can find you?

This is where we come in…

We will gladly accept anything you write, syndicate it on thousands of other sites, promote it on social media, and make sure it can be found in the search engines.

All we ask is one simple little thing... You let us keep some of the money from the advertising revenue generated by your readers. OK?

You get massive exposure on our site, major social media sites, and every major search engine. People come read your work and share it with others. And, you get a massive chunk of the advertising revenue you generate.

It is so super simple to get readers here, a MONKEY could make money as a writer.

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This is not some discount rewards program. We do not compensate you for your time and energy with coupons or special offers from online retailers. NOPE. We pay you real cash money!

You join 100% FREE, you write about whatever interest you, you click the "publish" button, and we deposit REAL MONEY into your PayPal or Payza account...

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We really want you to be part of our team. We have a great community of people who love writing and getting paid for it.

We even have a forum where our members socialize and communicate with each other and our writers. We make it super easy for readers to share your work on social media and give you feedback through comments and private messages.

You can even write under a pseudonym if you want to keep your own personal identity private from your readers, fans, and followers.

Are you tired of wasting all your time posting your work on sites where nobody cares and you don't earn? We understand. We have been there before. It isn't any fun. That is why we built this TOTALLY FREE, and really AWESOME place where you can earn money quickly and get TONS of readers!

So easy you can do this while enjoying a cup of coffee or relaxing at the beach.

Super rewarding with CASH benefits for a just a little tiny bit of your time.

Build a following of readers who "Like", "Tweet", and "Share" your work.

No matter how experienced you are as a writer,
or the subject that fills you with passion...

You Should Be
Getting Paid To Write!

Have you been trying to get your work out there? Have you been searching for a way to monetize your writing?

If you are like most writers, you know the struggle...

You work so hard to create a great article and then nobody reads it because it is HARD to get noticed.

And even if you can get a few people to read it, you can't seem to make any money.

Did you know? Over 90% of online writers and bloggers earn less than $100 per month.

There are three main reasons for that...

It is hard to get your work on a major site. It is hard to build your own traffic. It is hard to monetize your traffic.

Let's make a deal...

Why don't YOU do what YOU are good at: writing...

And WE will do what WE are good at: traffic, readers, monetization...

...and we will split up the money together!

What do you think about that?

Don't you think it's time your work got attention? Don't you think it's time people read what you wrote for them? And don't you think it's time you got FAIRLY compensated for your effort?

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