Do you need small business mobile marketing? Don’t have time to learn mobile marketing while you build your business? Hire local mobile marketing experts who can help you grow your business with the fastest growing segment of users today. Mobile phones or smartphones, learn more today by reading below.


If you want to take your business to the next level, small business mobile marketing is the way to do it. Mobile owners use their phones to text loved ones, send professional emails, locate eateries, and even make mail-order purchases. The modern phone has evolved into computer hood, and most of the people you're hoping to reach are using one throughout the day. Even with desktop computers waiting at home, smartphone owners are surfing the web on their mobile devices more and more frequently.

Reaching potential clients with small business mobile marketing campaigns through their Androids, Blackberries, Iphones, and other mobile devices calls for a few adjustments that make a major impact. Making sure whatever marketing plan you have is Html5 compliant. Meaning your message will display correctly on smartphones.

Optimize Your Site:

Be sure your website and off-site pages are mobile optimized(html5 compliant). Your pages should automatically adjust their formats to the screens of mobile users who visit. If your content is hard to read, you can lose valuable opportunities to win new clients. Look for a mobile testing site like Device Anywhere to see if your pages are already optimized for the mobile web.

Respect Limited Attention Spans:

Remember to cater to the limited attention span of your target audience. Mobile users are on the go. They're the perfect crowd for a short article that delivers what its headline promises, a webisode, or a 10-minute podcast that leaves them wanting more. If the messages in your small business mobile marketing campaigns are convenient for mobile users, they'll make an impression.

Incorporate Social Media:

Work with campaigns that tap into the viral potential of mobile media. The majority of mobile users frequent some form of social media site. It might be facebook that's captured their attention, or they may favor the 140-character randomness of twitter. Incorporate options that enable users to share your content with friend networks. Make your small business mobile marketing campaign informative, but share an inspirational thought or witty meme every now and then, as well. Be a friendly brand whose messages they look forward to seeing. The more engaging your materials are, the more memorable your products and services will be.

Employ QR Codes Into Your Campaign:

Generate a code on that points to the site with your discount promotion page (add .qr to the url it delivers), and post it in the areas your target frequents. Qr codes can be posted on signs or in the stores of friendly businesses who allow it. You can even print them in newsletters going out to existing clients. They're miniature mobile barcodes with near-endless potential.

Host scavenger hunts with QR codes that lead to specific discounts. There's nothing like the idea of a sale that will convert a visitor into a client faster. Make them find the discount or answer a riddle correctly to gain a clue to your QR code's location. It can generate real participation and even go viral.

Prepare Mobile Ads:

According to Wuebben, mobile users click through mobile ads more than they do on a personal home computer. Both banner and text ads are an effective promotional option that can do well nearly anywhere on the net. Pay for ads on sites, apps, and consider text ads.

Test Text Ads:

With text ads, a weekly text with a discount or daily mystery text (that could either be announcing a sale or a fun industry relevant fact) can win the attention of potential clients. Texts are typically opened within four minutes of being sent, and the users on the list don't receive your messages unless they opt-in. It's a great way to promote your brand.

Location and time-specific promotions are ideal for today's expansive mobile market. By optimizing your platform and communicating through clever, bite-sized messages and ads, your small business mobile marketing campaigns can tap into the explosive growth of the ubiquitous smartphone.