How to Increase Stamina? Stamina is termed as the energy and strength required, to exert oneself for a particular period of time. Increasing stamina is a good choice, if you want to live healthy?


The word stamina is more commonly applied to the exertion required to perform physical activities such as exercise and sports.

Here are the steps you should rigorously follow if you want to improve your physical stamina.

Always eat Healthy and Balanced Diet: Since food is the fuel from which your body gets its energy, you should eat a healthy and a balanced diet which will work to improve your stamina. Always eat a balanced, low fat diet that keeps your body energized and also keep your stamina raised. Depending on your taste your diet should include lots of fruits, fresh vegetables and lean meat. 


For a lasting energy, it is recommended that up to one third of your diet should consist of carbohydrates and starch as they are the source of instant energy release. Whole wheat and their varieties are most preferred.

Eat several rounds of small meals instead of two heavy meals. This will keep your body filled with energy throughout the day while heavy meals can make you feel bloated and lethargic. 

If you are in the habit of eating snacks prefer these items for snacks. Nuts, carrots, celery or salads made of sprouted grains. Always have with you some starch rich fruits or nuts, during periods of extended performance such as trekking, mountain cycling or long distance running. 


Drink a Lot of Water: The advantages of drinking lots of water are many. To mention a few, it helps in losing weight, it helps in your digestion and it also helps in the proper functioning of your kidneys.

Water can enhance your stamina by reducing your muscle fatigue. Muscle tissues perform below their capacity when they are dehydrated. A study reports that drinking around 17 ounces of water, one or two hours before your strenuous activity, can rehydrate your muscle tissues so as to enable them to rise up to the occasion.