The FutureNet Club – FutureAdPro Advertising Program is the World’s first Social Media Platform with a RevShare program (Revenue Sharing) and best way to make money online and make money mobile just by clickung ads. Watch 10 adverts each day. For this simple action you`ll get money every 15 minutes.
FutureNet FutureAdPro is the right money making method that works for everybody and everywhere.

What Is FutureNet?

FutureNet is an online social network since 2014.
It allows you to be in contact with other entrepreneurs as you do on Facebook - except that you are paid a few cents per activities (Connections, Post, Likes ...).
But the main remuneration comes from the 3x10 forced matrix, with 6 positions ($ 10, $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000) that allows you to have "media points" and earn commissions:
- 5% on the position of each person who falls (overflow or direct) into your matrix
- 10 to 50% matching bonus on direct sponsorship
Point media can be used to buy company products (landing page, video production, cloud, blog).
80% of future benefits are reinjected into FutureAdPro!

What Is FutureAdPro?

All FutureAdPro members are an integral part of the FutureNet social network.
FutureAdPro is the advertising network for the FutureNet social network (created in 2014)
Advertising packages cost $50 and expire at $60 (120%)
(mini packages cost $10 and expire at $12)
For each package purchased, you get 800 views of the pub of your choice (optional)
Multi-level sponsorship with scalable percentages based on your subscription (see below)
10 ads to watch each day for pay

Advertising service interesting through "filtering" (genre, age, location and more).
Possibility of days of "Vacance" (up to 50 days / years).
Application iOS and Android.
Opportunity to get invoices!
Shopping store
and much more ...
Do not waste time, buy now pack and start making money

People are loving the 3 in 1 powerful combination of Social Media, Matrix and Revenue share which is nowhere found in the industry. 
Soon, FutureNet will become very popular as more Members are using it now, and the more we all share it with friends, family and business associates, the sooner FutureNet will become a household name, just like #Facebook, #Google or #Yahoo! 
Our program is launched at a time when people need it the most.
You may ask why, is it needed?
Because anyone who uses FutureNet can be eligible to earn money SIMPLY by being an active user. 
And... FutureNet Members will Benefit the Most!
Join us today an build your Future with FutureNet 

FutureNet = Social Media Platform

Do you know, why social media platforms get such a big income?The answer is really simple: on adverts!
Now,  you can become a beneficier of online advert business worth billions  of dollars. Start to earn money on it just right now! Make the right choice!
Watch 10 adverts each day. Through this simple action you will get money. Bonus calculations are done every 15 minutes. Registration of new partners and product sales are not necessary!


To start earning, you have to buy at least one advertising package (AdPack) worth $50. After the purchase, you get the right to get 800 views of your advert. To get qualified to every day bonus, you have to watch 10 adverts each day.
To get higher profits you can purchase more advertising packages (AdPacks).
1. To purchase advertising packages and be happy of your growing sales rates on your website
2. To purchase at least advertising package, (max. 1000) and watch 10 adverts a day, and you get % share of amounts, which are based on the company’s income.
Purchasing advertising package (AdPack) worth $50 and watching 10 adverts each day, you get % share of amount based on company’s income. When the Adpack reaches its max. value $60, the advertising package is being „closed” and $60 is transfered on your Online account Your income can be withdrawed or can be used to purchase another advertising packages (AdPacks)
As you can see, the amount of your income in FutureNet Advertising Program depends on the amount of advertising packages (AdPacks) The more advertising packages you have, the bigger company share you get. Higher amount of owned packages will provide you more viewers of your advertised pages.
Earning in the program do not require Registering new Partners or selling any products!

Registration of New Partners and Product Sales are not Necessary to Get Commissions every 15 Minutes & Social Media Activity!
Hurry maybe the next member when registering through this link will be in your matrix network
Your Dreams Comes True
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