New And Amazing Dog Online Scares All Bulldogs…

A New and Amazing Dog in the online space now scares the Bulldogs, makes some get a bad conscience and even causes others to get jealous, while some are beginning to Sweat!

New And Amazing Dog Online Scares All Bulldogs… Photo source:

Yes, you read it right, the new dog is no one other than pages @ bitbillions. And who are “the Bulldogs and the others”? Well, you do not need to go far to guess. If you cannot make a guess right now, do not worry, you are not alone. When I asked many of my friends, this same question, none of them got it right.

And that is the problem: The mindset you have had till now, cannot be the same mindset you can use to guess correctly here, and to Quote the CEO of bitbillions and creator of pages @ bitbillions, “This is something truly unique, something revolutionary, something so new and uncharted that none of the old hats will fit. So, throw all your "Internet Marketer" or "work from home" jargon out the window and come grow something better with us”

So why is pages @ bitbillions scaring the bulldogs, making others jealous and even beginning to sweat? It is simple, pages @ bitbillions has your best interest at heart and doing all the heaving lifting for you.

Not really sure what your activities online are, or what goals you intend to achieve online, but this “New Dog in the house” is for you, irrespective of your back ground. Keep reading, you will understand why.

Ok, I did not forget yet that you ought to guess who the “Bulldogs and the Others” were. If you did not guess yet, it wouldn’t be long, everything will be clear in front of your eyes like day and night.

Bitbillions has flipped the Coin with pages @ bitbillions If you plan to get rewarded for activities like the ones you perform on Facebook, and the other social media platforms, then better pay close attention, if you are interested to make extra money online, leveraging same time and your online social media activities, or currently struggling to make money online, then you have to pay even more attention to this….

Now, it's your turn. Making money online may just have become as easy as making a Facebook post...Something REVOLUTIONARY happening with bitbillions you do not wanna Miss!

Actually, content generated by other people (users) has driven the greater majority of Internet-based revenue for nearly two decades. Over the past ten years platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others have capitalized on this trend and amazing billions of dollars yearly using content they do not even create. You create this content, how much share of this billion dollars come back to you?

Now, it's your turn to get rewarded for the content you create.

If you really stop and think about it just for a second, you will hate yourself. I really do hope you will not hate yourself after this revelation, but use it as an eye opener or a wakeup call to exploit the exceptional opportunity bitbillions has made available to everyone through [email protected] yes, and it is also 100% free to be member of bitbillions.

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube (Google), and the great majority of the major pülatforms don't produce any or much content themselves at all. Their users (you) do. However, each of these platforms cash in BIG TIME on our labor.

Every time somebody uploads a video to YouTube, posts something on Facebook, or Tweets out something, someone (the Bulldogs and Others) make money. How is that? Because when the users of these platforms post things, they create content. This content becomes traffic as other users come to read the content or watch the videos. This traffic is a HUGE advertising sales tool for the major companies that own these platforms.

And what is there for you who created that content in the first place? NOTHING. You may say, it does not cost me anything either to post those contents. But wait a minute: Have you ever heard the expression “Time is money”? How much time do you actually think you spent in creating or posting all that content, or have spent this year so far on such platforms? If you were to be compensated in monetary terms for all the time you have been spending on social media, creating and posting all that content, I bet you, you would certainly be a millionaire as well.

But guess what! That isn’t going to happen, at least not any time soon. Nevertheless, with the new awakening created by pages @ bitbillions, some “skins” are already experiencing some heat and may start drying up (loosing members) soon, if they do not change their strategies.

Don't you think it's a little unfair that all these people including you are doing all this work to create all this content, and these big huge companies are just cashing in on it, without offering to share any of the proceeds with you or the people doing all the work?

Now, this is the Good News; GBBG/Bitbillions does. With pages @ bitbillions, you will be rewarded for any content you create.  You are really lucky, not only lucky, but smart because you are reading this at this time.  Most people are going to miss this, because they do not read. Congratulation! 

GBBG/Bitbillions with pages @ bitbillion has decided to put an end to all that exploitation of your time Generosity and creativity, so you can be appropriately rewarded. GBBG/Bitbillions belives that it is but faire to be compensated for any contributory activity you perform online, even just by joining a site or any social media platform is already enough to get rewarded for. The mission of Bitbillions with pages @ bitbillion is to provide a place where anyone on earth can write about just anything they want, within some certain reasonable expectations, and earn money. 

The CEO and CMO of bitbillions – David Ruebush and David Newman respectively, are well establish individuals in the industries and together, motivated by four core principles have worked tirelessly over 6 years to establish this platform to serve everyone. These are the four core principles that have been the motivating and driving force for the CEO and CMO of bitbillions:

1.    The actual creators of content deserve to be paid for their contributions

2.    People shouldn't have to "invest" their hard earned money to earn extra money online

3.    When someone gives their time, they should be acknowledged and rewarded

4.    Everyone on earth deserves equal opportunity

Now “Pages@ bitbillions”, also known as 'Profit Pages' is live and rocking the entire Internet!

Why? Because anyone on earth can join for FREE, post some reasonable content, share, and get paid CASH MONEY! yes real money you can take to the bank for verification and can use to buy anything you want, NOT coupons that you may never be able to redeem!

But wait a minute now! Don't get all too excited yet until you hear the really good, really better or even really the best stuff...

Did you know there are 4 ways money is generated through the Internet?

Basically, it all boils down to services, product sales, subscriptions, and advertising. In fact, most of the revenue generated on the internet comes from product sales, subscriptions, and advertising, and this will SHOCK YOU, bitbillions has them all!

When you join pages @ bitbillions, yes and it is absolutely 100% for FREE to join, No Question or DIME asked, and post anything you desire, bitbillions will monetize your content through traffic that comes to your pages, videos, and posts. Bitbillion will sell ads, promote products, and offer subscriptions, and YOU get a portion of any revenue generated by YOUR content. Yep, it is that simple. You post something, your friends drop by to check it out, and you earn cash money. That's it. Nothing else to learn or do. Just join, post and get paid, period.

Oh, and there is more to that which is even more lucrative and you can really benefit from it too - the power of leverage. Just make sure to check the features and compensation plan of the pages @ bitbilions.

This is literally the most carefree way to make money in the history of the world. You don't have to create your own site. You don't have to learn any coding, html, javascript, WordPress, hosting, or any of that. You don't even have to learn anything at all!

Seriously, if you can Tweet something, post a status update on Facebook, or upload a video to YouTube, or just say create an account anywhere and able to log in and out, then you already have all the technical skills you will ever need to make REAL MONEY with Pages @ bitbillions.

Stay tuned to be amazed. Join Bitbillions today and be part of the Movement. Do not let the train leave you behind, else you will never forgive yourself.

If you loved this post, or if it added any value to what you already have, share, share and share. Join me and let us sensitize and create an awareness. There are just too many people hurting out there and do not know they have options. The world is a world of abundance and bitbillions with pages @ bitbillions is an option to make this abundance available to everyone. Together we can expedite and facilitate this happening process. The more the people that know about and join bitbillions the more the abundance will spread and greater will be the share we will receive.

All the best and have much fun and success with pages @ bitbillions.

If you are not member of bitbillions yet, use the link below to join and get started today.

So did you find the answer to: “who are the Bulldogs and the others”?

Sure you did!


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    Nice Article Bible, Look forward to reading more of them!! 🙂

    1. Profile photo of bible bible says:

      Hey Maverick79, thanks for reading. “Readers and Leaders” and vice versa. Thanks for being one, keep it up.

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