How cool would it be to be having fun watching videos, yet get paid for that? If you love watching YouTube Videos, then you will love this.


Watching interesting videos mostly on youtube is not only entertaining, but it is fun and relaxing, and soon you may even get paid to watch youtube videos.

But how real is this?

This is the troubling uncertainty many are facing right now regarding this company. So if you are concerned if this is real or not, just know you are not alone. Even with this uncertainty, the rate at which this company is growing is amazing!

Best off all, it does not cost a DIME to join, it is 100% Free to join the company and earn up to $25 per hours and maximum 10 hours a week performing simple duties like watching videos and providing comments.

The company is even boosting to double the average  minimum wage for the people that will be working with them in the countries in which they will be doing business. This is something most governments are unable to do. The up to $25 earnings per hour is based on USA standard, so I will suppose that the average minimum wage in the USA is $12,5. Similarly, if you are from a country, where the average minimum wage is $5, then expect to earn up to $10 an hour working with this company.

Is  this a  True Scam or a Genuine Company with a promising Future?

THW Global has not yet been tested and has not even been around that long yet to make any real objective assessment. From their plans including but not limited to their compensation plan which you can review on their homepage, if this is genuine, then it will break lots of records and make lots of people rich. But if it is a scam, then I do not think there is much damage to be done either, as they are not asking members for any fees, payments or upgrades. All they have is your email address, and if they will have to use it to market to you, you still have the choice to decided what you will want to buy.

This company currently known as THWGlobal,TenHoursWeekly or BetterThanYouTube, based on when you are reading this is in the making and promising to be bigger and better than YouTube and to even become one of the world's largest Advertising Giants.

THWGlobal is not only setting network marketing records, but its current pace is also making history within the online social media world. Based on current statistic on their website, they are averaging 800-1200 new members every hour and currently projecting to register over 200,000 people in record time.

According to THWGlobal, they should reach over 1,000,000  members in just over 1 month. Based on the time frame other companies took to hit 1.000.000 members, this will be a new record within the online space.

Comparatively, this is how long it took similar or other platforms to hit the 1.000.000 mark:

Instagram - 2.5 months, Spotify - 5 months, Fab - 5 months, Dropbox - 7 months, Facebook - 10 months, Foursquare - 13 months, Pinterest - 20 months, Gilt Groupe - 24 months, Twitter - 24 months, Tumblr - 24 months, One Kings Lane (home decor) - 26 months, Airbnb - 30 months (estimated), Kickstarter - 30 months (Source:

 So what is THWGlobal.

THW Global is a global advertising Company and currently uses the following name for their business THWGlobal, TenHoursWeekly and BetterThanYouTube.


Advertising is a $650 Billion dollar industry and THW Global is creating an advertising power house to tap into this billion dollar industry.

They aim to establish several hundred thousand or even millions of members ( International Viewers ) and they are in the business of linking these IV's to the Companies or clients seeking various forms of advertising.

The IV's have nothing to buy or sell, but are paid for their services from monies generated from advertisers seeking such services.


THW Global charge companies $1.50 per minute for someone viewing their advertising and they pay the member viewing the advertising a portion of this money.

The company therefore generates $90 an hour from selling various forms of advertising to companies / client and based on the compensation plan, pay out about $40 of this $90.

THW Global plans on taking 90% of any money in excess of the $40 per hour they pay out to the field and spending it on new TV, Radio and Print Ads to build the New Internet Brand of YouTube Type Videos.

The business model ( if it works and is for real ) is sound and very promising and may come as a timely relief to many people that are hurting financially.


With THW Global, you earn in 3 ways:

1) You are paid up to $25 an hour for up to 10 hours a week to view and comment on commercials,TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and more. This means you can earn up to $250 a week ( $1000 a month ) without having to run after your friends or family to earn AND without paying a cent to get involved.

2) For every person you share this with who do their 10 hours worth of viewing videos per week, they make their $25 an hour and you make $5 an hour as their referrer. This means you can potentially make an additional $200 per month for EACH person you share this with opportunity with....This could be a very significant ongoing passive income.

3) You receive $1 per hour for everyone in your entire organization ( your referrals and their referrals and their referrals ) down 10 generations (levels).This means that your earning potential here is limitless...and Again HUGE ongoing residual Income !!!

So the company makes $90 an hour offering their services to clients and they pay their members $40 an hour for viewing and performing whatever tasks they were paid by the client to perform.

The client gets "eyeballs" on whatever they have to offer, the members, and the company make money....what a Win-win-win situation!


Currently this is a POWER LEG and as this goes viral NATIONWIDE and GLOBAL. As soon as you one joins, one will start to see tens of thousands of people per day coming into the program below them in what is called a POWER LEG.

The company has plans to monetize this to create additional revenue for those those who will want to do more than just viewing YouTube Type Videos. Details about this can be found on the company home page. This is thought to constitute phase two.

Right now it is recommended to just focus on phase one, which is to Register today for FREE and position yourself for massive spillover in this binary.


I do not know when you will be reading this, but at this time of writing, the company is still in pre-launch, all sounds very good, it seems well structured so far and quite frankly there is nothing to lose. If this does turn out to be what it is, this will be a monster of a program so you would very much want to position yourself RIGHT NOW.

1) Register for Free if you have not already done so

2) Decide if you want to share this with anyone ( it makes sense to share as your referrals could potentially be making $1000 a month without spending a cent and you can potentially make $200 a month for doing nothing more than sharing this with them.

You can sign up your spouse or children who are over 21.

3) If you do not plan to share this with anyone, just focus on what the company recommends.Your benefits will be huge.

You may use this like below to get details about the company.

All the best for now and much success.

Pete Ade


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