Brgy. Siranglupa, City of Calamba, Laguna – A State of Barangay Address conducted by one of the most peaceful barangay in Calamba City and it was led by Barangay Captain Roy Contreras with his Sangguniang Barangay which also attended by the City officials of the City led by Mayor Timmy Chipeco attended by its representative that Councilor Belen Terones, City Vice Mayor Ross Rizal, City Councilor Dyan Espiridion and DILG City Director of Calamba Ma’am Leni Bautista, staff villages, HOA officers, Senior Citizens and many others.


. The formal program was initiated by the message of Barangay Councilor  Eusebio M. Albaira followed by the message of the guest of honors.


In the message delivered by Vice Mayor Ross Rizal for the people of Brgy. Siranglupa, 
"This is the opportunity to have contact with villages and communities,
but little chance they'll also sorry that we at the
City Mayor and Vice Mayors office and City Council were able - reports
about our accomplishments and some it was 739 resolution that we passed. "


According to City Councilor Espiridon Dyan, "I want to thank Barangay Captain Roy that we invited us for this afternoon so
I listened to his report, so that we in the City Council  we know what project we have to support especially here in Siranglupa.
And for the of everyone, all the reports of all officials from President to Barangay Captains,
is intended to inform our community that we are truly working. "
Councilor Belen Terones representative of City Mayors office said,
"To all the financial assistance our Mayors office is always open and
of course you’ll have to bring letters guaranteed to have free medicines in Mercury Drug"
DILG City Director of Calamba Leni Bautista informed everyone that citizens
have more power at all and according to the Director,
"As citizens you are the one planning to take your leadership, it has to be peaceful and organize your village. "
Barangay Captain Ronaldo 'Roy "Contreras, in his state of barangay address announced some of their activities,
programs and projects. Which according to Barangay Captain Roy Contreras,
'Some of our activity here in our barangay is the Zumba,  Cleaning Operations,
some of the source of our activities is also our community garden
where we became champion and it is led by our BAFC Chairman Elpidio Lalap,
sympathetic, too, we program Oplan TokHang where it could be our intensified along with our Chief Investigator,
as we conduct patrolling in the evening hours, because we wish to maintain the peace and order here in our village.
Whom it is one of the most solitary village throughout the city of Calamba.
For me as your Barangay Captain we want to maintain our beautiful community that all citizens live quietly. "
In the extra message of Barangay Captain Roy Contreras,
"Let us also strive to have a new village hall, Solar street lights for rural areas and secondary roads.
We are only instruments to improve if any requirements of our village.
I am ready to have a conversation for the sake of our village, all the problems
we have can be - and we talk to the Council and had no thought but sought unity.
But the greatest of all, I ask that we all be well, with good elastic to improve our village. "