You are a star make your glow reach far,
then penetrate,
from state to state,
across the Globe,
be a pro,
never feel low,
about yourself,
even if over and over you have fail,
the fall only makes you stronger every rise,
their is a great reward in life, you are the prize,
never listen to those who despise,
you are wise,
gifted from him whom oversees from the skies,
it’s no surprise,
you are destined for a prosperous life,
no-one can take that away from you my friend,
our creator is with you until the end,
until your journey is complete, push hard superstar,
Keep moving your feet


Stay The Course Conquer Valiantly

I wrote this to let you know that no matter what you have or haven't yet accomplished , you are beautiful . Every one of us have our different gifts to share with the world . Be who you were created to be . Most importantly , be grateful , and of course thankful . Because God didn't have to create you nor myself . But he chose to and for that I am very grateful . It's my pleasure to share the gifts given to me with you . 


Look To Him For Guidance

Lean not unto thine own understanding , acknowledge him , and he shall direct thy path . So many of us including myself get overwhelmed on our journey . Trying everything to figure out why . But when we give to him whom created us and follow his lead magical things begin to manifest and heavy loads of burden lifts from us . 

We Learn As We Grow

Jesus said that a just man will fall seven times , which Stand for completion . Valiant men and women rise above circumstances . We never stay down . Jesus said that we will fall . Everyone had fail in life . We learn as we grow . 

Stand Strong In Faith

The favor of God is phenomenal . The Bible says that he makes even your enemies to be at peace with you . So do not be afraid to open up in front of others and claim your faith in Christ Jesus . Because he said those that deny him , he will also deny and that is not what either of us desire right ? I love Jesus and want everyone to know his greatness and power , which is infinite . 

Understanding His Power

When we are plugged into the power of God's word , our every venture prospers . Our relationships are more vibrant . We are more thankful and fearful of his soverienty . When we understand the concept that Jesus is King of Kings , meaning in control of all things , we understand security and Devine protection from evil forces . We can stand in total assurance that prosperity belongs to us . God had a plan for Evey situation which glorifies him . Psalms chapter 91 is one that gives those who call upon the name of Jesus a secret place of safety . 

To Him We Must Go

It's tough ,

when a man's mind has a sense to be corrupt ,

It's a battle all day long ,

To be pure and remain strong ,

Who can be perfect in spirit and deed ? 

Thanks to Adam & Eve ,

No man can save Jesus alone ,

Only he was strong ,

Only he walked a sinless life , 

Becoming the ultimate sacrifice ,

For an imperfect World ,

Only his shed blood can make you sparkle like a pearl .

White as snow ,

For cleaning to Christ we must go ,

Just like a daily shower ,

Jesus our Lord clense with his merciful Holy power ,