Smartphone users will be the first to know about the latest information all around the world. It does not leave anything including education, politics, art, social networking sites, news, sports and entertainment. The applications available in the smartphones are user-friendly to many of us.


A huge swell in the internet users in this modern world make this application famous and an essential for every individual. Nowadays, everything is in our hands in the name of smartphone which make us to engage in most of the time. Playstore or appstore fulfill most of the demands of this society with its exciting applications. These applications release its updated version with new technologies to impress the customers in an interval of time and also to sustain its position with their competitive companies.

According to the statistics in 2016, the number of applications available in the playstore are about 2.4 million in which some of them are paid apps and most of them are available for free. These applications provide various services like online shopping, gaming, mobile banking, social media sites, education-based apps, ride-sharing and many useful needs of our today’s life. 

Online ride hailing services makes our ride more reliable and consumes less time and energy because it can be achieved with a single application in our smartphone. There are many ride-sharing applications in the market where every company make its own way of attracting customers towards them.

One of the most famous ride-sharing applications is Uber, an American worldwide online transportation network has its headquarters at San Francisco, California. It attains a greater success all around the world within a short period of time because of its tracking facility of any nearest Uber cab from our location. As soon as it gains attention from the people, there are some more people who begin to oppose this company.

Uber faces many problems in many countries as a result of its adverse effect on local taxi drivers. Uber, a well-known application in smartphone has recently remodelled its blue print from scratch. It not only offers pick and drop services to the passengers like any other transport service providers  provided to their customers.  It has additional services like carpooling, self- driven cars, estimate the fare and time taken to reach the destination.  It attracts many passengers because of its low fare, reliability and many other services like Uber feed.

The group of protesters presented their side by a statement of Uber does not pay any taxes or licensing fees to the government and the Uber drivers are not trained well it will endanger the life of passenger. They called it as an unfair competition because of the taxes they paid to the government for the same work what Uber skips to do.

In the year of 2016, Uber faces a severe protest from the taxi drivers in several places. Many drivers accused that they were lose their monthly income due to the Uber taxis. These taxis attract many people which cause regular taxi drivers to break out against these applications. Uber was banned by the government of Berlin in April 2014 but it remains active in other parts of German cities.

Some of the notable protest happened at Jakarta, in the last of March 2016 where thousands of taxi drivers gathered in the streets of the capital Jakarta. This protest condemned the state of unprofitability to the traditional taxi drivers. Taxi drivers want those applications to meet the government’s requirements.

On the same year, taxi drivers at Melbourne raised hands against the ride sharing applications. They told that these ride hailing applications are illegal and asked them to enforce the law. They requested government to make a decision and solve the issue.

In the year of 2014, about four thousand of taxis were brought to the center of London which targeted the growth of these mobile applications. 

Taxi drivers and union organizers of Rochester protested outside City hall, asking the city officials to oppose the expansion of Uber to Rochester and other upstate and western New York cities. During this protest, Uber has claimed more employment in Rochester if the expansion was made. But the opposition declined the offer saying that they are generally low and independent contractor jobs without any beneficiary.

Protesters argued that the expansion will harm full time taxi drivers and forced them to compete with those companies. Uber did not operate with the regular screening done to the drivers; it skips the major verification of fingerprint to screening the drivers.

In Mumbai, around four thousand taxi drivers and auto drivers were demanded the officials to stop the Ola and Uber services within the city. Protesters threatened for a strike, if their demands were not met and wanted the State Transport Authorities to take necessary action towards this issue.

On July 2016 in Cape Town, a group of incumbent drivers blocked Long Street in protest against Uber. In this incident, about fifteen drivers were arrested under the section of Public Order Act. They also demanded Uber to follow the regulations made for all other regular taxi drivers and questioned government about its delay in finding the solution to the problem.

Christchurch taxi drivers stood outside the office of National MP Nicky Wagner against of Uber. Uber did not ask any P-endorsement which is a background check and any identification card to carry passengers. According to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), P-endorsement is a basic need for any small or large passenger service vehicle which is not a mandatory document for the Uber drivers. 

The strong objection of taxi drivers on Uber happened to impose the same rules and regulations followed by the traditional taxi drivers and their irresponsibility in screening of Uber drivers. They asked government to ban these ride-hailing applications and take severe actions to prevent their company. Taxi drivers reported that Uber offers cheaper fare because they are individual operators which are illegal to the government.

For the protest, Uber replied that they provided more job opportunities to the cabbies and the one who did protestation were taxi investors and not the taxi drivers. It added that it provides employment for about 40% of drivers who were unemployed before this opportunity and it will increase the number of entrepreneurs.

Uber tried to prove their implementation was correct by blamed taxi investors provided their drivers with low wages and heavier task. It added that Uber will give a better safety and security to both the drivers and passengers. The screening process for Uber drivers could be verified for clean background check and will be trained in customer service before their joining in Uber.

Recently, Uber provided a chance of rating to the both drivers and customers for security and convenience purposes of two sides. If the ratings went down, then they were not allowed to use Uber Company which was applicable for either driver or passenger side. There are many more controversies like kidnapping a female rider, sexual assault and some rude behaviors of Uber drivers were faced by the company. Even though, Uber faces lots of criticism all over the world from taxi drivers and taxi owners, and it’s still a loved application for most of the taxi riders.  

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Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. Zoplay is a Software Development company which has launched Cabily Script which is a Uber Clone with Android and iOS apps.