Start earning online today with Pay To Click Advertising that is different and better !
Get paid down 5-8 levels on referrals AND their CLICKING!


PTC (Paid to Click) sites have long been recognised as an effective way of increasing traffic to your websites, as well as providing a simple, though obviously not very interesting, way for people to start earning small amounts of money online through regular activity.

In addition you can generally increase your earnings and gain some “passive” income by referring other people to  a PTC program. The commissions paid in most programmes are only on any purchases those referrals make, in terms of advertising credits or upgraded membership.

Here at KaCh Enterprises we have attempted to “liven up” the PTC genre with our new site. As the income from this site is treated like all our other sites, some of the benefits are obvious, and considerably greater than those given by traditional PTC sites.

Earn In Bitcoin Within Minutes Of Registering

Get paid down 5-8 levels.

Get paid on your referrals purchases AND their clicking!

Receive spillover… some referrals may be placed under you in a matrix, and you earn fully off everyone in your matrix, whether referred personally by you or not.

A Single Membership Provides Access To ALL KaChEnt Group Websites 

Key points regarding Kach Kanvas 

1. Free members can earn their upgrade in under 90 days 
2. Paid members can earn $30+ per month from their own clicking 
3. Paid members earn from their downline's purchases and clicking 
4. We have a forced matrix structure to help those who find it difficult to refer.

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