feeling depressed by foot corns???? thank god that u are going to know about the best solution for treating it.I know about the stress that you all would have undergone in the process of treating it, so i am here to tell you my friends the way that i chose to treat it.At first, i didn’t know what to do and was feeling stressed about it.Seeing me,my friend suggested a product for me.I had no hope in that product,but as my friend suggested me to buy it,I bought that and used it for 2 days.Guess what????? To my surprise the foot corn just vanished from my foot….O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          My motive of writing this article is to help people who struggle with the problem of foot corn.I am writing this article to help them overcome their stress by relieving them from their problem once and for all.I am saying this with confidence because i have suffered with this problem and have escaped from it by following a simple trick which I wish to share with you all.I am not going to bore you people,i just want to help you with my simple method.



          Though corns are not a major problem for our health,they do cause some amount of pain.Since they are caused due to friction,the skin becomes hardened accompanied with pain.If the corns are not treated properly they can cause serious infections.Mostly,corns are formed in our foot and sometimes even in our hands.The best way to treat them is by not spreading them to other areas.

          It is mostly found in men,but it can also be found in women who use their hands more.Actually there is no particular cure for corns and the best a doctor can do is to reduce the thickness of the corns.Also some moisturizing creams are available for corns,but I must say that they cannot completely cure these corns.They can only be a temporary remedy and cannot completely cure it.

          Now I am going to share my experience with you all:)


       The product which was suggested by my friend was a SIDDHA based product.You will get it easily in all kinds of siddha based medicinal shops.The product is manufactured by ZIGMA HERBALS which uses both SIDDHA and AYURVEDIC methods for their preparation.U can go to those shops and ask for foot corn medicine by ZIGMA herbals and u can easily get it.The cost of it very less when compared to other medicines.



         Now talking about the product,the product looks very simple.It consists of a tube which contains the medicine called as KALIMBU at the base.It is somewhat grey in colour.




           U have to start by opening the tube,and then you have to dip in the kalimbu with the thing they have given along with the tube.Keep a dot of that on your corn.That's it your work is done.Do not allow water to touch that area,you can also wrap that with a band-aid if needed.


            You have to repeat this process for the next day,after completing this process you will find some pus being released from that area.Wipe it with a clean cloth and slowly you will see the corn releasing from your skin.Now wipe your foot with a clean cloth.



           You have to be careful so as to not spread the pus to other areas.Wipe your foot with a clean towel and let your foot to dry.Don't apply anything over that and let it to heal.You will slowly see new skin covering that area and your foot will become to look beautiful as before.

            Follow these instructions and I am damn sure that you will thank me later:):)

            Hope you find this article useful:):)Thankyou for reading this:):)