How would you like to earn R20000 p/m?
What if this salary also meant you could travel Asia, was after tax, and also included a rent free apartment?

Sounds to good to be true right?
It isn’t!
Come teach English in China!
This is an amazing country, with unbelievable potential for any person to grow.
Visit our website – – for more details, and before you know it you could be working abroad.



Howzit My China's, are you sick of crime and corruption?

Gatvol of BEE, the collapsing rand, the Guptas, and the Springboks getting their butts kicked?

Then why not Teach English in China?

Where else will you earn such a fantastic salary while having the adventure of a lifetime?

So say goodbye to 
and head to the land of#EverythingMustRise:
the economy, the skyscrapers, and your prospects!




Application Process

If you are between the ages of 20 and 40 years old and have a good grasp of the English language,
please read through the 10-Step Application Process so as to get the ball rolling...

1. Go to the APPLY NOW page on this website and fill in your particulars, upload your resume and photo, and let us know the earliest date at which you are available to begin teaching in China.

2. On receipt of your application, we will provide you with the necessary information about the most suitable position available, including the location of the school and photo's of the apartment you will be living in.

3. We arrange an interview with you via Skype/ Wechat/ Whatsapp.

4. We forward you the contract, which you must sign and email back to us.

5. We provide you with the necessary documents for your visa application.

6. You apply for your visa and purchase your plane ticket.

7. You arrive in China where a representative of MyChinaDotCoza will meet you at the airport.

8. You undergo a paid-training course, which lasts between 7 and 10 days.

9. You're ready to start teaching and enjoying life in one of the most vibrant countries in the world.

10. You help populate China with South Africans, thereby helping to spread our unique South African cultural specialties: biltong, boerewors, and bad language.

Our offer
Here are some of the benefits of teaching at our schools:

1. RMB10,000 (R20,000+) per month

2. Only 24 teaching hours per week

3. Rent free housing in a shared furnished apartment

4. Overtime pay for teaching more than 24 hours a week

5. RMB5,000 (R10,000+) flight reimbursement or bonus after completing the

6. Minimal lesson preparation ( Lesson plans, text books, flashcards and DVD's are provided)

7. Plenty of free time ( You don't need to be at the school when you are not teaching)

8. Airport pick-up

9. Paid 10-day training course in Shanghai

10. Small class sizes (Less than 15 children per class)

11. A working visa

12. One week paid vacation and paid public holidays. 

Life in ChinaLiving in China is lekker!  It is something you will never regret doing.

Everyone who has been an expat in China has countless stories about the interesting people and places they experienced.

But why China?

China has a much stronger economy and currency than South Africa.  In addition,  your taxes will be paid by the school.  There are no deductions from your salary whatsoever.
In other words: WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

On top of this, your accommodation is free.  Public transport is cheap and convenient.  Due to the low cost of living, by working only 24 hours per week you'll still be able to save much more than you could ever dream of back home.

Here are some of the prices of general products in China: 
* Big packet of potato chips - 3RMB (R7)
* 750ml beer - 4RMB (9)
* a take-away meal delivered right to your house - 15RMB (R35)
a taxi trip - 13RMB (R30)
As you can see from the prices mentioned above your total cost for eating would be about 40-45 RMB per day. This includes 3 take-away meals delivered to your house or work.


                                                        Comparison between SA and CHina for 1 month



CountryChinaSouth AfricaBasic salary for ages 20-30RMB10,000 (R22,000)R9000 (If your'e lucky)Accomodation/ rentFree R1,500 minimum for a bachelors flatUtilities200RMB (R500)R500Food2000RMB (R4500)+-R,3000Transport300RMB (R600) For public transport like the metro, taxi's (NY style) etc.+-R2,500 if you include petrol and instalments on your carSpending money1,000RMB (R2,200)R1,200How much can I save?+-R14,000pm / R168,000 per yearR300pm or R3,600 per year


Country China   South AfricaWorking hours per week24 hours                                                                               35-42 hours                                                                    

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