Baby Boomers are reaching their golden years along with the inflammation and sore joints and muscles that go along with it. Serrapeptase enzyme is the all natural solution to inflamed joints, blood clots, cysts, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ear infections and a lot more. Join us as we explain why and how serrapeptase will work for you.


Anti-inflammatory enzyme serrapeptase is praised as a miracle solution to various forms of physical pains and inflammatory disorders, serrapeptase is an enzyme found in the intestine of silkworms. It was originally considered to be an ordinary micro organism until it was isolated and used as a healing agent in several areas in Asia. It is now becoming more widely available for the benefits it provides.

Anti-inflammatory enzymes like serrapeptase are a better alternative to most prescription and over-the-counter medications. Since they are naturally occurring, they do not create negative gastrointestinal side effects that  usually happen with ibuprofen or NSAIDs. They are even proven to work more effectively than most conventional forms of pain relieving medications.

The use of serrapeptase is commonly used among alternative health and wellness physicians. These doctors use the enzymes on patients dealing with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other people that benefit from the use of serrapeptase include :
1. People that have developed blood clots, cysts, and arterial inflammation.
2. Individuals that suffer from specific auto-immune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
3. Those that suffer mild to moderate pains caused by stress or physical activities like headaches and muscle pains.
4. People that suffer from sinus cavities and pressure.
5. Children and some adults that have a chronic ear infection.
Some conventional doctors recommend the use of serrapeptase supplements to patients as preventive medicine. People that are much more likely to have blood or heart conditions will obtain reduced blocked arteries formed by plaque. Elimination of the plaque will lower the risk of a stroke in many individuals.

Some doctors also like to use the enzyme on patients that are recovering from certain forms of surgeries. It is very useful in reducing painful swelling that may occur. In some cases, the use of serrapeptase is a much more suitable treatment that can replace the need for surgery.
Serrapeptase also has aesthetic benefits not usually found in any other supplement. Studies have shown that the enzyme is capable of eliminating the appearance of varicose veins. Since damaged fibrin are being eliminated and blood vessels are being restored, the appearance of the veins on the surface of the skin begin to diminish. The elimination of fibrin has an additional anti-aging benefit since it can also increase joint flexibility and suppleness.

The anti-inflammatory enzymes are not limited to severe pains or diseases. Supplementation of serrapeptase is safe enough to consume on a daily basis in replacement of most conventional medicines. Even if it is used with other medications, the enzymes is not known to interfere or react negatively with other medicines.

The appropriate form of Serrapeptase always uses a formula that is animal free and suitable for even vegetarians and vegans. It must be gluten free, contain no GMO sources, and be one hundred percent kosher certified. It should also be voided of fillers and additional herbal ingredients.
Safe usage of the supplement has to be monitored since excessive consumption can be dangerous. A doctor should be consulted if individuals decide to use it as part of a healthy regimen. Long term usage of serrapeptase is also not recommended.