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Do you know the Bitcoin story? Lots of people feel sorry they missed that opportunity. People said it was a scam, worthless... But a few people gave it a try... Those people bought Bitcoins at 0,10€ and could sell them at 100-1200€. They all became millionaires!

The first step is to become a member and register your personal account by choosing a nickname, address, country, etc. Registering only takes a few seconds and then you are ready to go.

There are 5 different packages …. we’ll explain a little what it is. With every package you get an education package and various forms of tokens, If you buy a package what is it you get into this ? And what is it that makes you earn money?

The package includes training and it also provides free tokens. These tokens will be free in the packages, nothing to buy, but a fixed amount in each packet. The tokens will constantly grow in price depending on the nature of the purchases and sales value, depending on the amount of users and demand.

These tokens play a major role in the whole concept. What can you do with these tokens?The most important thing is that you can use them to put them in the mining process to produce OneCoins. You can use them in three ways, you can sell tokens at THE ONE EXCHANGE this is an internal trade. You can also keep these tokens and let them split (Multiply/double) and sell them at a higher value. Or you can keep them, let them split and then buy time in the mining pool to get OneCoins. You can also buy tokens for money if you want more tokens fast.

People who did or did not join bitcoin should look at this concept and get the same opportunity that you were not allowed at 2009, 2010.. I would have taken the opportunity at 2009 when Bitcoin and its development led to their success. Onecoin happens right now and you can be a part of it!

For those who ask is onecoin safe? According to an interview for BNamericas onecoin is safe because it uses centralized business model and “requires user information through Know-Your-Customer system”.

As a conclusion, i say: activate starter package with just 140 Euro and see lifetime earning through this link: