The downstairs neighbor wanted to borrow The Kitten, he has a mice invation since some weeks, I wonder why. The next morning he gave her back, he looked tired.


The Kitten is going pro and becomes the neighborhood mice killer. Since The Kitten has cleared our house of mice, several other houses suddenly have mice problems, like the downstairs neighbor. He was complaining to me about it, so I offered him The Shedevil, if only to see how she would handle the downstairs dog face to face (see 'how the kitten spends her day). Not at all to my surprise, she didn't care less that he was right in front of her. She just walked in the house, ignoring the dog completely and checked the place out for things she could ruin, plants, couch, anything. 

The dog in the meantime was totally baffled the thing just entered his house and started waging his tail in confusion, making howling noises. Dog (mine, his name is Willem), waiting down the stairs 20 cm away from it all, instantly understood the neighbor's dog, barked at her and with a sigh of relieve from the break he was about to have, went up and lay down in his basket, relaxed like he hasn't been for weeks.

Since The Shedevil had total control over the household in seconds, I wasn’t worried at all and went up to dog, got my newspaper and started reading without being attacked from behind the paper. Some time after, the neighbor called asking if he could keep her for the night. Sure! Willem and I high fived in spirit and went to bed peacefully. 

Next morning, 7am, the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor, he looked tired. Could I please take back The Kitten, he couldn't handle it anymore. He hadn't slept at all and she keeps attacking his dog. It was so difficult not to smile but I managed. The Kitten came up, gave Willem a slap (seriously) and demanded food. I obeyed. 

The next door neighbor wants to borrow her as well. I really like her though, so I think I'll give her a heads up. Her house is much bigger than mine, so she'll have more places to hide. In the meantime, I think I'll make some sort of thing over the balcony so she can go into the gardens. She needs to get out more, I need to safe my stuff from further demolishing and Willem needs some relaxation. 

While I've been writing this, which only took half an hour, she drank out of the fishbowl, claws just hanging in the water (who said cats hate water), she ran down and up both the stairs for about 10 times, nicked my phone charger and slammed it over the floor from corner to corner and pushed over the lamp from the table, just because she can. I don't know what she's the reincarnation of, but it must be something that wants to be wild and free who doesn't give a toss and just by the rule of karma, it entered my life.


The top foto shows Willem's expression since a couple of weeks, the bottom foto shows The Kitten, why play with wool if you can attack Dog.