Profit Glitch is a fully-automatic “no one left behind” income generating system that requires absolutely no experience or technical knowledge, and if you have not received any payment till now, this is why…


Profit Glitch Pays, Period

With Profit Glitch, every member makes money and no one is left behind. This is the easiest program I have ever been in and making money more than I have ever made in any program within a very short time. Have I been paid? Yes, not only have I received commission's payout from the direct affiliate referral commission's, but I get bitcoin payments from the bitcoin mining pool directly into my wallet.

There is a lots of false information going around that Profit Glitch does not pay. Some have been too quick to call traffic glitch a scam for no legitimates reasons. I do not know their intentions for doing that, but all I can testify is that profit glitch is experiencing ongoing maintenance on the system and equally overwhelmed by the massive growth which I guess was never expected.

Profit Glitch System Is Very Stable Mow

I personally experienced some latency in site loading, even crashes, but with some patience and frequent checking, I realized the profit Glitch team has been working tirelessly to upgrade their servers and perfect the system. Now the system is very stable and more and more features are being added and I am confident they will free up more time to catch up with any pending questions.

If you have come accross profit glitch, and considering to join, I will recommend you do that soon. If you have joined, but have not upgraded your account, I equally advise you do that soon as well. This is the best and easiest program to be in and may just be what you need to make your 2017 a success financially.

Profit Glitch Grows Faster Than Expected

Based on a recent update by the profit glitch admin, I am more than confident that this profit glitch will beat any other program out there in simplicity, growth and success of every member. Based on the profit glitch admin, they always knew that profit glitch would grow quickly and would become very popular, but they never expected it to grow as it has, just within few weeks of launch.

The admin continues that Profit glitch went from $5k in daily sales to $100k+ in daily sales literally overnight, raising lots of concerned about Commissions, Bitcoin Mining and other aspects of Profit Glitch, which are covered here below…


The growth here at Profit Glitch has been phenomenal. Totally insane is a better way to put it! They are currently working on the finishing touches of a new commission payout system, which will enable them to pay out commissions to all members quickly and efficiently.

Profit Glitch Pays Affiliate Commissions Ongoing

There are some people online, spreading the false rumors that Profit Glitch doesn't pay commissions, hasn't paid commissions etc...That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that profit glitch has paid out commissions to many, many people. The Growth of the program has just been too overwhelmingly unexpected and that is contributory to why commission payouts have been kind of sporadic and not consistent as it should be.

Profit Glitch Affiliate earnings are 100% safe and secure within the system. What has created the slowdown in affiliate payouts is the fact that there have been 1000's upon 1000's of members joining daily, referring friends or family members and making $47 commision sale per upgraded referral, which has created thousands of individual $47 payouts in the system. Apparently, Paypal doesn't like that even though the system was designed for massive growth, the Payout System was not ready to handle over 10,000 separate commission payouts literally overnight.

Profit Glitch Implimenting New Payment System

A new payout system and implementation is coming soon

With growth of this magnitude, it became imperative to implement a payout solution that could payout thousands of members at once and perform the standard compliance and KYC (know your customer) checks needed to perform such a task.

Profit glitch admin reassures that: if you have made commissions with Profit Glitch- You WILL be paid, and that they've seen over 2500% growth in less than 2 weeks...Unfortunately, in this industry sometimes you get some people that LOVE starting a fire, spreading information about non-paying programs on sites like moneymaker and others, without any basis or facts backing them.

Profit Glitch Scam Alerts Are Baseless

This is the bitter truth that some programs and especially profit glitch are facing. Some have even gone out to say that profit glitch not Mining Bitcoin!  These falsehoods not only hurt the reputation of a program, they are baseless and without merit. If you are out there on the internet spreading information about Profit Glitch, spreading lies and falsehoods you have no backing for, it is better you stop it, because profit glitch is out to help lots of people and the worst thing you can do to these people is deceiving them miss out on a great money making opportunity.

Also, instead of being on the sidelines and being sceptical, join the others, upgrade your account and start earning affiliate commissions and bitcoins. Per profit Glitch admin, affiliate commissions are being paid every single day, only  the payouts have been backlogged and are slower than usual because of the vast amount of individual commissions to be paid. The New Payout System Will certainly Solve All Of Those Problems!

Profit Glitch Will Be Better Than Anything Online

The Profit Glitch Team is asking for patient and understanding, that the have an amazing program here, something really exciting for everyone involved, and their focus is to build out Profit Glitch to be better than anything out there on the net and the are dedicated that task!

 Wao, this is exciting! What are you waiting for? It is never too late to join and don not miss out on this great opportunity.

Get involved today and make 2017 your best year financially.

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