Brgy. Don Jose, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna – New challenges for his life, future chapters which will change his world. These are just some angles that will change the outlook of Barangay Captain Irineo ‘Bong’ Aala, Jr. of Barangay. Don Jose.


In his - sitting as Barangay Captain its astonishing glimpse of what the course of a public servant,
so with his tenure of few months. Barangay Captain Bong Aala had diversified programs and projects that successfully
launched with his Sangguniang Barangay, And by this his administration has earned the praise due to their successful
activities also witnessed its full scope. Many also say that the dedicated concern of former Barangay Captain Joel Aala
which is now one the City Council has not gone well, because of Barangay Captain Bong Aala,
the Aala public service continues
Recently the Sangguniang Barangay of Brgy.Don Jose headed by Barangay Captain Irineo "Bong" Aala, Jr.
has taken the State of Barangay Address as his very first report held last October 2016 in the same barangay hall of the village.
Giving the report of the Barangay Chief, he declared that if any of the programs and projects that he continued
from his elder brother, former Barangay Captain Joel Aala now one of the City Council.
It is for the good and benefit of all residents of Brgy. Don. Jose.
 Which according to the welcome message of Barangay Captain Bong Aala,
"Today I had my first report to the Village or the State of Barangay Address where we have to report,
if what is the condition and state of our village where I could be almost 100 days
of serving as your Barangay Captain. And not lurking in your knowledge
that we only a months which we took our oaths on June 30 this year,
 so all of these projects and programs that left by our beloved former Barangay Captain now,
City Councilor Joel Aala. I’m here to continue this and I will build and addanother programs,
I know that everything is for your own good and benefit. So that’s why we installed my brother
(Joel Aala) as one of our City Councilor. "
In a formal reporting rendered by Barangay Captain Irineo "Bong" Aala, Jr. he also presented 
the perspective and position management that - linking being a barangay official.
And according the statement of the Barangay Captain Irineo “Bong” Aala,Jr.
"A gracious welcome, and I appreciate the report to be presented to our village in 2016 which involves
the state of Brgy. Don Jose in six aspect management, systems and procedures, administrative, Services legislative,
extent of community participation , servic- Social  Agricultural development - economy and the Environment Management.
This report will serve as the basis for drafting of programs and projects to be more responsive to the needs of our village.
And this is accomplished by developing an agenda based on our  barangay reports,
which would allow us in having Barangay Development Plan. This report is also intended to inform the needs of our barangay,
to all concerned for appropriate  interaction and cooperation, such as the National Government Agencies,
high Local Government Units, Town, City, Province and private sector and others.
But most of all , ithis report is intended also to inform our constituents, regarding  for their portion and cooperation.
And also my sincere gratitude to the department of the Department of Interior and local government
for launching this Barangay Governance Performance Management Sysem or
BGPMS which has served as carriers of the report of all barangays in our city. "


By : Reyland G. Lopez