NEW Cash Advertising Cash Cow launching and already going viral. Unicornadz is poised to beat all records and to be profitable to heavy recruiters and well as non-recruiters.


Unicron Adz Has Huge Earning Potential

Unicornadz has a Unique Compensation plan, first of kind in the industry with almost equal earning opportunities for those that can not or do not wish to refer others to use the services unicornadz is offering.

If you cannot or do not wish to recruit and you bought the products at Unicron Adz by buying a subscription, Is there any hope for you to  earn from the compensation plan?

Well, let us assume you do not earn anything, but you still get all the services, which that is the reason why you want to buy them in the first place, right? 

But get what, you will be able to still earn cash back, a lot of it, even without referring a single person. So, absolutely, YES

Unicron Adz Has Cash Links

Even if you cannot recruit you can earn from the following :

Cash Links Earnings (THIS IS BIG…..Don’t Miss to Read the details below)

Matrix Earnings (Please read details given after details on Cash Links)

How the CASH LINKS work and how do I earn from them:

Cash Links Concept has been thought of specially for those who do not recruit. In every matrix program this is the main concern as to how these members will earn as majority is not able to recruit. That’s why we have come up with this Amazing Concept of Cash Links which is 100 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any other cash links concept.

How To Earn Money From Cash Links

Rules regarding Cash Links :

Rule # 1 (Cash Links - Who will pay and Who can earn)

Whenever any member (Who has recovered amount deposited), places a withdrawal request, 50% amount of the withdrawal requested by them move to their “Cash Link Wallet”… they can only use this to buy Cash Links (to advertise their other businesses/websites) which ONLY THOSE MEMBERS WHO ARE YET TO RECOVER AMOUNT DEPOSITED can click on and earn!

In other words, each member is allowed to withdraw 100% of his earnings till he/she “earns” the amount equal to their “amount deposited”. After this point, the following withdrawal rules applies :

1. 50% can be withdrawn by the member into their Payment Processor

2. 50% is transferred to the member’s Cash Link Wallet for placing Cash Link Ads

This 50% will be a HUGE amount and should ensure that everyone gets links to click. Suppose 1000 members do lot of hard work and put together they earn $100,000 more than their amount deposited. As per abovementioned rule, they can take away only $50,000 and balance $50,000 will straight away go to Cash Links which only members who are yet to recover their deposits can click and earn from.

Cash Links Have Massive Value


So essence of this rule is that only those members can click who are yet to recover amount deposited and only those members pay for these links who have already recovered their deposit. Smart! Isn’t it? This rule has been made to ensure the balance in payouts

Rule # 2 (Equal Distribution of Cash Links)

There will be a daily capping amount for clicking Cash Links based on number of Active subscriptions a member (only those who are yet to recover their deposit) has:

Per Active $25 subscription = $1 Cash Link Clicking Capping

Per Active $60 subscription = $3 Cash Link Clicking Capping

Per Active $120 Subscription = $7 Cash Link Clicking Capping

Maximum daily capping level for clicking Cash Links for any member is $20.

 Cash Link Clicking Capping means the maximum amount of Cash Links a member can click

Earn Even More Than What You Deposit

Also, Cash Links will be of value 1 cent to 10 cents.

If a member has only one $25 Sub, he is entitled to click $1 cash links every day. If he has two $25 subs, the capping will be $2 and so on. So he can recover his deposited amount within a month, may be earlier.

This rule has been created to ensure that links are available to all the entitled members and only a few should not be able to click all the links. This is another step to ensure fair and equal distribution of links for clicking.

So non recruiters can earn even more than their deposited money (without doing any recruiting and without any fear of stalling of lines). If they decide to share this opportunity then sky is the limit. Just do this as any other business and you can get BIG success.

How Cash Links is good for leaders / recruiters :

Leaders will retain their downlines as those who are earning from cash links may recover their seed amount and may start sharing the opportunity with others thus growing team more and more. This will also give boost to repurchases earning more fast start / matching / matrix bonuses. Insane! Isn’t it?

How You Earn From The Matrix

How the matrix will work and how will I earn from matrix :

The system has been designed in a manner that the first position is Follow Your Sponsor BUT all your further positions are Follow Me. In simple words, only your first position will fall in the matrix of your sponsor and all further positions will fill your own matrix. Apart from this, you will also gain from spillover coming in your matrix from your sponsors. In nutshell, your matrix will get filled from the following :

Spillover from your sponsor or sponsor’s sponsor and so on

All your own positions coming in the form of subs week after week until 10th week. So it is certain that you will get minimum 9 positions from yourself in your matrix

It is important here to note, HOW SPILLOVER WILL WORK in matrix.

Please read below keenly :

For making it simple to understand, let us take example of the only first level of U25 of Unicorn Adz which is a 2x1 matrix which means it needs only 2 positions to fill your level 1 and it has a limit of maximum 2 positions only. Any further position will get automatically spilled over to downline. Now, for example, you join under your sponsor who also recruited few more people.

Unicron Adz Has Lots Of Spillover

Once your sponsor has filled his 2 spots in level 1 of U25, the next positions will spillover to the matrix of his referrals one after another. So you can get such spillover in your matrix from your sponsors

You can get spillover from your sponsor’s sponsor or his sponsor as well and so on.

Since this is a weekly sub plan, the amount of spillover that is going to come to you will be crazy. Since all sponsors in your upline might have filled their Level 1, their weekly positions will get spilled over to the downlines and this will go on till all their 10 positions get placed.

Not only this, it is necessary to renew at least 1 subscription every 6 months only, the spillover will continue to come.

This doesn’t end here, any further recruits/referrals by anyone in your upline (who joined after you joined and bought a sub) will also get spilled over to downlines.


This will happen week after week for 10 weeks, coupled with new recruits coming in each team every week causing a cascading effect with no liability on anyone. There is NO Guarantee of spillover yet it is bound to come to everyone as the system has been designed in such a manner.

Now, if you carefully see then you will realise that you will get minimum 9 positions of your own in your matrix AND the crazy amount of spillover as detailed above. Just imagine how much powerful this combination can be.

Your own 9 positions in U25 earns you back $7.5 if you have bought only one $25 Sub and i.e., 27% of amount deposited by you is GUARANTEED to come back to you ONLY from your own positions. This percentage increases to over 33% if you buy two $25 subs and reaches almost 40% if you buy six $25 subs. Please note that this is the minimum you will get without counting the spillover and cashlink earnings. This percentage keeps increasing as addition of more positions keep pushing the earlier positions to next levels which earn higher payout.



If you are a recruiter, you earn the following :

Matrix Earnings: Members earn from the Matrix whenever a spot is filled in their matrix. Members do not need to wait for their matrix to be filled fully before earning, so no money is held by system and is paid immediately once a spot is filled. Each subscription bought, gives members 10 positions in the matrix (1 per week for 10 weeks). Members earn from all positions resulting in multiple earnings from multiple positions.

Multiple Phases: The same team earns you income from multiple phases

Fast Start Bonus: This is Upfront Referral Bonus paid to you whenever a subscription is bought by anyone in your downline 4 levels deep. This could be crazy upfront income

Matching Bonus: On Matrix Earnings of all direct referrals

Retail Store Earnings: On purchase of Premium Products by your Direct Referrals

Cash Links Earnings: On clicking Cash Links.

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