The RevShare element and the Matrix element are just the beginning of a process to create a disruption in the world of Social Media.
The vision for FutureNet is vast and goes into the direction of becoming a Global Brand competing with the biggest corporations in the world.

The difference is though, that with the FutureNet Vision, it's all about putting money back in the pockets of the ordinary folk that actually have kept companies like Facebook and StartBucks as corporate giants making Billions of Dollars from the masses.

FutureNet have a vision of creating a global brand in multiple industries from the food and drinks industry and the 
motor industry but also industries like finance and insurance.

Imagine for a second being able to refer your family members or work colleagues to FutureNet Insurance or FutureNet Leasing or FutureNet loans or invite friends to meet you for Coffee at a FutureNet Cafe..

"Imagine that whenever a sale was made you got a commission"

This is the goal of FutureNet.. It's not about creating 
a RevShare or a matrix..

Those are sidelines created to bring marketers to the business so that they can create a distribution network to really propel the FutureNet Brand to the wider audience.

So what does all this mean to us.. Well it really means that we can all benefit from this company as it diversifies it's business into new areas. No other company is doing this and we have the opportunity to benefit from this platform in so many ways.

If you are still sitting on the fence with FutureNet then be assured that the company is real and their plans are shaping up and we will have so much more coming in 2017.

FutureNet has changed my life to be honest as it now provides me and my family with a full time income and thats only going to get bigger as the platform expands and more new income streams emerge.

Now is the time to take action and start spreading the word about what is coming with FutureNet.

Watch the video here:

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